Advantageous tax legislation for sponsors
The new measures instituted by the 2003 tax schedule are intended to exempt from taxation the financing and investment in sport. Example: « are deductible from taxable profits, donations and gifts granted to sports associations in the double limit of 2.5% revenue business and 200 million francs per year.
5 reasons to associate your brand with the ASEC


Your image is as important for us as for you
Your brand is a capital asset. It is important to associate it with partners providing consistency with your values.
  1. Our motto friendship Discipline work is a reflection of the values that hold us dear: reliability, seriousness, performance and ambition, characteristic of the benchmark companies.
Conduct and directed with seriousness, with ASEC, your brand will not be tarnished by scandals. Our Association is quoted by the African Confederation of football (CAF) as a model of management.
2. the sports club, the most popular and the most important of the subregion
Asec brings together 8 million supporters in Ivory Coast and the double in the subregion (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Togo, Benin, Ghana)
In addition to offering the important football trophies to Ivory Coast, Asec remains today who offered the highest qualitative contribution to the Ivory Coast national team and club whose stars are among the most renowned in the International plan.
World famous players such as Bakari Koné said Baky, are open to operations of yourbranding as part of our partnership.
Our performance is multidisciplinary: the women of volleyball of the Asec team hasachieved the triple Championship National Cup Cup of Africa during the 2015-2016 season.
3. We offer you exceptional 360 ° visibility
The broadcasts of Asec Mimosas, the RTI and channel +, in Côte d’Ivoire and in 23 French-speaking African countries, offers an international outreach through sponsorship of our team.
The regularity of our club in the main competitions of football will allow you to sustainably showcase your brand and offer you optimal exposure.
The ASEC is the only Ivorian club to have professional media in the service of promoting your brand and your products:
Our radio the RJN, unique sports radio of CI, covers all competitions national and African;
Our Facebook page has more than 110,000 fans;
Our website (available in French and English) has a space of partners;
Our weekly magazine Mimosas, fired 10,000 copies, is the oldest weekly newspaperin Ivory Coast and received the PNC award of excellence (2016 edition in the category best press organ specialized).
4. the ASEC has made human development, a major focus of its model
Since 1994, ASEC MIMOSAS has implemented the first Academy, his training center,in order to allow young Ivorians and African, 13 to 17, conditions of training schooland best football. They learn the business of professional football player while staying in their own country. ASEC MIMOSAS youth teams regularly participate in international tournaments and competing for the Championship national hope.
5. multiple vehicles for the activation of your brand
Apart from the conventional media of visibility: branding of sports facilities of the players, hardware installation publipromotionnel to Sol Beni, our sports centre, as wellas the scene of our meetings with supporters, branding of the training areas, presence in our traditional media…