The best young Côte d’Ivoire must happen in the future, again, by MimoSifcom Academy.

Terms of integration MimoSifcom Academy

The entrance test at the Academy are open to everyone, without social or other distinctions.

But detection is only young people aged 14 to 17 years old, to work months with them.
 Detection tests are totally free as well as all the stay of a young once it was decided (this trip can last 4 or 5 years). Our selection criteria are essentially based on the assessment of the qualifications of football player (even if all our players follow a strict schooling since we have all classes of CP1 in the Terminal).
 How to be selected?
 Several ways exist:
 Participating in testing in the neighbourhoods
Organised throughout the year in collaboration with the centres of all neighbourhoods of Abidjan (dates will be mentioned in the weekly newspaper MIMOSAS MAGAZINE).
 When these detections, the young people selected are invited to ground blessed for extensive tests.
 Playing in a training centre
We have collaborators in contact with Abidjan districts and towns in the Interior.
 They move also on the competitions organized by the IFF or neighbourhoods.
 Thus, when a good player for our selection criteria, we propose a test at the Academy.
 If you are interested, you can also ask the framer of your center to unite with us either by contacting Boukary BAMOGO: 58 61 66 74 or by e-mail: and why not organize a match between the Academy and the Center. In this game we’ll look at the players on the opposing team and if a good player is spotted, he will be able to integrate the Academy for more extensive testing.