ASEC Mimosas :


Here is 2020 that promises to be hopeful and challenging, like any new year, making joys and sorrows experienced in 2019, memories, lessons and benchmarks that make it possible to better build the future.

ASEC MIMOSAS, our family, has remained united in the face of the events that have marked its journey, in 2019.

We will never forget all our own who have left us. Their commitment, passion and self-denial will continue to inhabit us, as a stimulant, to always do better.

It is therefore an opportunity to hope that strength, health and peace will take the place of fortune for all of you who retain the opportunity to continue the work so that the ASEC MIMOSAS Association maintains its leading position in all areas where it is located, everything improving its per-formand and aura.

Shareholders, administrative staff, supervisors, members of the club’s board of directors, the Board of Directors of ASEC MIMOSAS that 2020 brings you and your families happiness and success, success in your projects and fulfilling your dreams.

May the competitions and the challenges of the organization of the club be for each of us, sources of satisfaction and happiness. Happy New Year 2020, to all athletes and to Côte d’Ivoire.

By Master Roger OUÉGNIN