Editorial  :

Nice game and play well!

This Christmas season, what better slogan than aSEC Mimosas: “Children have fun”! This slogan, born from the creation of the club under the direction of one of its first coaches, Guy FABRE, allows us to address the issue of “beautiful play” and “playing well”.

How do we define these two concepts that can sometimes be re-joined, but which are often opposed?

Thus, in a cartoonish way, the fans of the beautiful game are often contrasted, those for whom the most important is the quality of the game pro-posed, licked, often makes short passes and ball possession to those for whom the most important is victory, no matter the Way. Two coaches have been opposing each other on this subject on the football world for more than 10 years with their supporters and their opinions well crossed. This is of course José MOURINHO and Pep GUARDIOLA, the first embodying a negative way of playing when the 2nd would be positive, because it is focused on attack.

What can we think of this debate and how can we get out of it while acknowledging that reality is not, as is often the case, Manichean?

The following definition seems relevant to us: “Beautiful play is something that can be seen, that is obvious, it gives people pleasure. While playing well, you don’t always see it, because it’s not always beautiful. You can play well with a defensive plan at first. You’re going to suffer, but you’re going to be organized for it, and you’re going to be more dangerous by leaving possession to the opponent. The key is to have a project, a strategy.”

Former French coach Raynald DENOUEIX to complete it: “You must never be romantic, it doesn’t mean anything! Football is about scoring goals and not taking them, there’s nothing novel about it. We often talk about spectacle, but high-level football is certainly not one of them. When we go to see a show, everything has been prepared, repeated, set to the millimeter… When we go to see a game, we have no idea what’s going to happen! It’s such complex. On the other hand, he also cannot bear the excess of pragmatism. “Some people say, “I don’t care how you play, as long as you win.” If there is no method, you cannot win. You can’t play any way, you have to have principles all the time. »

Playing well and playing a good game being better defined, let’s go back to our Ligue 1 and its realities. Since the beginning of the season, observers have been unanimous in pointing out ASEC Mimosas’ willingness to play well, based on principles of ball retention, efficiency (offensive and defensive) and collective pressing. Even though we have had three defeats since the beginning of the season, the Shareholders did not hold the players and their staff to account too much, because they were still happy to see ASEC Mimosas regain its values, its DNA. Unhappy in defeat, they remain confident in the future if we succeed in strengthening the principles of play that allowed us to have the 2nd attack and the best defense in Ligue 1 to date.

Conversely, the victory against the WAC Red Lantern on the last day on the score of 3 goals to 1 did not leave the same taste in the minds of the fans yellow and black, because they were disappointed with the lack of control displayed during this reen-against . However, what relief did we feel with these 3 points conceded after 3 defeats in a row (2 in Ligue 1 and 1 in the final of the League Cup)? Let’s agree that at this stage of the competition, after a marathon of 8 games in 30 days, the main thing was to break the negative spiral in which we were drawn. It is done and no doubt that our young team will resume, from the next game against FC San Pedro, on January 6, the path that should lead us to our 27th title.

By Benoît YOU