MIMOSIFCOM Academy cross interview... ADJOUMANI Assiedou Yannick armel, KOANDA Abdoul Latif and AMANÉ Akoua Romeo (boarders) :

“A very rewarding new experience”

Back from the tour that led them to Morocco and Europe, precisely in Spain, France, then Germany and after the review of Pascal THÉAULT, the Director of the Academy MimoSifcom, we met ADJOUMANI Assiedou Yannick armel, KOANDA Abdul Latif and AMANÉ Akoua Romeo, three young boarders who tell us about the tour in this cross-interview.

What do you remember about this tour?

KOANDA Abdul Latif: “we learned a lot through this tour. She forged US and we saw a big difference between the matches of this tour and the ones we usually argue here in Ivory Coast. I feel a little more sharpened by this new experience that will help me improve my benefits. »

AMANÉ Akoua Romeo: «I was on my second international tour with the Academy. The latter was exceptional for me because rich in experience. We have been confronted with various situations and different styles of play. But we did well and left a beautiful image of the Club and the Ivory Coast. I am proud and very happy. ” 

ADJOUMANI Assiedou Yannick armel: “this tour has been only happiness for us. We played games against renowned clubs and also took a good time by visiting the mythical Santiago BERNABEU Stadium in Madrid and following a game of the RC Strasbourg at the Stade de la MEINAU.

How do you explain the loss of your title of the tournament of the Royal Mohammed VI Academy in Morocco?

AMANÉ Akoua Romeo: “we experienced a difficult tournament start because of the climate change. We did well again. But it was too late. “

KOANDA Abdul Latif: “we left a little too confident forgetting that the level of the tournament was mounted a notch, moving from the U17 category to u19. We then took back the hair of the beast, but we were already eliminated from the race to the title. However, we ended the tournament in beauty by winning all of our leaderboard matches. “

 What changed afterwards so that you could win all your games in Europe?

AMANÉ Akoua Romeo: “after the loss of the title in Morocco, we were very motivated to pass a beautiful tour in Europe. The instructions and advice of the coaches were respected and we made very nice matches as against the RC Strasbourg that we fought (7 – 1). 

ADJOUMANI Assiedou Yannick armel: “we worked as a team. All were concerned because we were aware that this tour was a chance for us to be known by the recruiters who were present at all our games. We had a great service. And I think it’s so much better for us.

KOANDA Abdul Latif, you are one of the players who remained in Europe after the tour. Where were you and what happened?

KOANDA Abdul Latif: after the tour, I travelled to Switzerland on the invitation of the first division club, FC St. Gallen for a one-week internship. But I finally made a second extra week with the U21 group of this club. The returns are good according to the technicians of the club who enjoyed not only my services on the field, but also outside. I have good hope for the sequel. “