Close-up/GONAZO BI Ya Thomas Renardo (striker) :

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Defector of the Africa Sports, the rival club, GONAZO BI Ya Thomas was one of the first choices of the ASEC Mimosas to strengthen the offensive sector of his professional team. Even if it hasn’t exploded yet, GONAZO BI Ya Thomas is part of the Mimosas satisfactions of mid-season.

I know GONAZO BI Ya Thomas for having brought it from the JCAT to the AFAD, when I was coaching this club. He’s a player with a job and character. He is able to fight for two hours without stopping. We need this kind of player to bring a little more power, speed and percussion to our attack. ” This is how he presented AMANI Yao Lambert César, the head coach of ASEC Mimosas. On the qualities of the player, the coach Mimosas was not deceived by any means. Character boy, GONAZO BI Ya Thomas is and demonstrates it every time he is solicited in a match. It puts the power, the energy and the desire to do well. Always ready to go to coal, he is noticed as well in the offensive tasks as in the defensive work. But, like the whole team that is experiencing a mixed season start, Renardo has not yet found its marks. He only opened his goal counter on the 11th day of Ligue 1 against Moossou FC. Author of a double and a decisive pass, GONAZO BI Ya Thomas had largely contributed to the brilliant victory of the ASEC Mimosas (6-0). His merits are praised by his teammates and his supervisors. For the central defender COULIBALY Wonlo: «GONAZO BI YA Thomas is a valuable teammate who does not know how to cheat and very often relieves the defense by its folds. Even though he’s still lagging behind, I think he’s getting better over time for the good of the team. ” TRAORÉ Santos says “Gigi”, one of the technical supervisors of the club is also seduced by the athletic qualities and experience of GONAZO BI Ya Thomas who, according to him, must however “discipline his game in front of the goal to become this great attacker that all the Cote d’ivoire would like to see and appreciate. ” GONAZO BI Ya Thomas aka “Agogo” wants to be very positive and keeps good hope of achieving an excellent season 2018-2019 with the ASEC Mimosas despite the bad start of the season: we are still in the race to reach our different goals of the season. With the support of the shareholders, we will realize our ambitions. I do not doubt it for a moment, he has let us know.



First names: Ya Thomas Renardo

Date and place of birth: 30/12/1990 to Kouetinfla Sinfra

Height: 1.74 m

Weight: 70, 5kg

Item No.: 13

Post: Striker

Last club: Africa Sports of Abidjan (Ligue 1)

International A ‘