Editorial :


What a relief we felt at the time of the final whistle of the return match of the Champions League preliminary round against Mangasport! 0-0, a score synonymous with qualification for the 16th final of the competition.

The objective of our club this season is to find the “Court of the big African clubs”, that is to say the group phases of the Champions League. This qualification allows us to cross the first obstacle and it was of size. At this stage, we have made half the way since the qualification for this group phase now passes through the elimination of the Mali champion, the Malian stadium, during a double confrontation West-African on 15 and 23 December respectively In Bamako and then in Abidjan.

The qualification against MANGASPORT was essential for the continuation of our adventure. Now obtained, it will only be of value if our club passes the next hurdle. Indeed, as soon as the race is launched, there is no point in being in the lead at mid-term. Only the end result matters. The bitter elimination against ZESCO United last season when we had passed the first round and then made a good result in Zambia shows that in the African Cup, nothing is ever played until the final minute.

In Ligue 1, we are also approaching the mid-Championship with a 13th day to compete at Bouake this Monday. Unlike last season when, at the same time, we were already largely at the top of the competition, we were picked up in the first few days. The surge in the last two days bodes for a better second part of the season. This starts with this game against Bouake FC which, in case of victory, would allow us to hound a little more

The more leaders in order to start the matches back on a positive momentum. In this national competition, the goal assigned to the group of coach AMANI Yao is to obtain a 3èmetitre of consecutive champion. Our place at mid-term will not matter if this goal is achieved.

Last week also saw our young Mimos win brilliantly at the International Tournament of the District of Abidjan (TIDA) for the 3rd time in 5 editions by remaining undefeated (14 goals scored against 3 cashed) against Malian teams, Burkinabe, Benin and Ivorian. This beautiful result is encouraging and it is worth congratulating all the staff and players Mimosas. A lot of work is still to be done to achieve their goal of becoming professional players. Located in the middle of the lookout), they performed a good first part of the course but they must continue their work to fetch always higher and play one day with the professional team of the ASEC Mimosas. In football as in life, nothing is ever acquired and it is dangerous to rest on its laurels. The latest results obtained by the professional team or the de Sol Beni Academy indicate that our club is on the right track. You have to be thankful and work hard to have no regrets at the time of the awarding of the end of season rewards!

Benoît YOU