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Young people of the IAU of SIFCA in internships in Sol beni

Four young people (BROU Mambeyo Aristide, AHIZO Dibrou Guy Patrick, DJOMAN Dogbo Julialbert and TA BI Tizié Yves) from the industrial agricultural units of the SIFCA group (Bongo, Toumanguié, Zuenoula and Irobo) performed internships on a blessed floor. In groups of two, these young people shared the daily lives of the de Sol Beni Academy residents for a week. This first experience of the young people of the IAU on blessed ground enters the line of exchanges between the ASEC Mimosas and the SIFCA group which for two years allows the academicians to carry out internships of immersion in IAU to soak up the trades of the Agricultural world, during the holidays. 

It was the latter who had the honour of choosing these young people through tournaments organised in the IAU, giving them an opportunity to try their luck to join the de Sol Beni Academy. 

They said

BROU Mambeyo Aristide (SAPH – Bongo)

“Strong New Experience”

This one-week internship at the de Sol Beni Academy was very brief. I did, however, appreciate it because in such a short time I have carried out several beneficial activities. What impressed me most was the constant warmth of the family. A new experience so that I fully enjoy the pleasure of being a boarder of the Académie de sol Beni»

AHIZO Dibrou Guy Patrick (Palm-ci – Toumaguié)

“It’s a dream come true”

I am very pleased to have been chosen to perform these internships at the de Sol Beni Academy. It’s a dream come true. I was placed in the group of U14 with which I participated in training sessions and followed the school courses. I have also done several other activities. The stay was very short but beneficial. I hope I will be reminded for, why not, to permanently integrate this group. “

DJOMAN Dogbo Julialbert (Sucrivoire-Zuénoula)

“I wish this experience to all young people”

At the de Sol Beni Academy, everything is perfect. We play and we work a lot. You cannot fail when you are boarding this academy. I took pleasure in finding myself on blessed ground. I wish this experience to all young people, especially those of Zuénoula.

TA BI Tizié Yves (Palm-ci – Irobo)  

«Trainings and courses are of quality»

“I am glad to find myself at blessed ground. I spend pleasant moments there. Training and classes are good qualities. With a little more time, I think I can have the qualities required to integrate the group in which I was placed. Thank you to the SIFCA group and the ASEC Mimosas for having granted us this internship.