National Cup final 8th :

The ASEC Mimosas will play Ivory Academy in 8th final

ASEC Mimosas faces the formation of Ivory Academy (L2) in the 8th of the National Cup, on Wednesday 13 or Thursday 14 June. This is one of the results of the combined draw of the 8th and the ¼ of the 55th edition of the National Cup.
In the event of a victory in the 8th, the Mimos would ¼ in the final with the winners of the opposition Abidjan City – ASI of Abengourou.
A draw will be made for the semi-finals.


Oppositions of the final 8th


AFAD (L1) – AS Tanda (L1)

AS Athletic (L2) – US Bassam (L1)

Séwé Sport (L1) – Songo (L2)

ASEC Mimosas (L1) – Ivory Academy (L2)

UC Undeniable (D3) – Stade Abidjan (L1)

Co Korhogo (L2) – Co Bouaflé (L2)

WAC (L1) – Bouaké Alliance (L2)

Abidjan City (D3) – ASI Abengourou (L1)