16th final return of the Champions League/ASEC Mimosas – ZESCO United: 1-2 :

The ASEC eliminated at the gates of the hen phase

The ASEC Mimosas will not compete with the next phase of Champions League chickens. The fault of ZESCO United who came to beat her (1 – 2), at the Stade Félix HOUPHOUËT-BOIGNY, during the return match of the 16th of the Champions League. However, the ASEC Mimosas had won (0 – 1), to the go, 10 days ago to Dola.


The match starts beating drum with two teams well in place and anxious to make the difference. Supported by his audience of the Felicia, the Mimos are more pressing and already get, in the 6th Mn, a penalty, following a fault of the goalkeeper on AGBEGNIADANu. Without shaking, Badie Gbagnon seizes the ball and turns the sanction into a perfect counter-foot (1 – 0, 7 mn). The ASEC Mimosas makes a remarkable start to the match but does not get rid of any danger coming from this Zambian team. The match is balanced and Zambians are increasingly dangerous. At the 29th MN, on a full-axis free kick, they manage to equalize thanks to their specialist in matter FACKSON Kapumbu who puts the ball out of reach of goalkeeper CISSE Abdoul Karim (1 – 1; 29th mn). The game is thus revived and stretched. The match is much tighter. The first part is closed on this parity score.

The ASEC Mimosas begins the second period with a change in its ranks. Badie Gbagnon gives way to YAO Kaya Alphonse. The game is much more fluid. YAO Kaya Alphonse is very punchy and creates breaches in the opposing defense. But against all odds, it is ZESCO who will still register a second goal in the 65th MN, following a free kick hijacked a first time by goalkeeper CISSE Abdoul Karim. But Lazarous Kambole on the lookout accompanies the ball in the nets to give the advantage to his team (1 – 2; 65th MN). The Mimos now have their backs on the wall. TA BI Willy Braciano replaces DAO Mohamed Lamine (72nd mn). In the course of the change the ASEC Mimosas gets a free kick at the entrance of the repair surface. The Amed tower hit the cross bar and YAO Kaya at the fallout fails to score. ZESCO United is cornered and begins to play the time. CISSE Karim saves the ASEC Mimosas with a third goal on a head of Lazarous Kambole (80th mn). At the 83rd Mn, YAO Kaya Alphonse wounded is obliged to give up his place to Don Fabius. AGBEGNIADAN is very close to scoring the equalizer goal in the 88th MN, but his ball passes just above the crossbar. The ASEC mimosas is more pressing in addition time, but Zambians are grouped in their camp and make failures to the Mimosas attempts. The score of 2 goals all over all of the two games benefits the ZESCO United which has 2 goals on the outside.

The ASEC Mimosas therefore falls to the doors of the hen phase and is thus repaid to the framing of the Confederation Cup.

H. K