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Presentation of schooling

The school system at the de Sol Beni Academy is a model of the genre. His beautiful association with football gives all his letters of nobility to the training center of the ASEC Mimosas which remains one of the best in Africa.


Created in 1994, the de Sol Beni Academy is one of the few training centres in Africa that perfectly combines football with school education. A tandem whose results have been the pride of the club for over 20 years. The success of this dual school and Sport project is based on a strong partnership, enrolled in duration, with the SIFCA group.


At the de Sol Beni Academy, the individual is placed at the heart of the concerns to train men, developing the sporting potential, but also intellectual.


A social contribution in the construction of a responsible and educated youth through its free school, well thought out and integrated by the foresight of its leaders.


School results show the quality of the work performed since the exam success rate is higher each year at 80% for children who, for the most part, before joining the academy, had never set foot in or stopped school. .


The school component at the Académie de Sol Beni therefore holds a prominent place in the training of the boarder. It presents itself as the fundamental base for a good professional footballer training, but also to allow the young player to give the best of himself, in all aspects of his life. Do we not say that: “The bigger the man, the greater the chance of the footballer”?


The schooling at the Académie de Sol Beni has 4 cycles including:




The College


High School


-and in the end the superior who leads the young bachelors to the examination of the BTS.


This school following the Ivorian educational programme is based on a strong administration supervised by Benoit YOU, the director general of ASEC Mimosas and Pascal THÉAULT, the director of the de Sol Beni Academy. The daily management of schooling is provided by Abel Kay, the head of school and professor of Science.


This year, the courses are delivered by a team of 8 qualified and experienced educators. From Monday to Friday, guests attend classes from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm with a 15-minute snack break, starting at 11.30 am.


In the evening, they are invited to compulsory and silent individual studies from 18:15 to 19h15, to stimulate personal concentration.


During the school holidays, the boarders are sent into a company internship, as was the case last year when they followed immersion courses in the SIFCA group’s integrated agricultural units for a fortnight.


List of Professors


Abel Kay, professor of science


Scott Nafsal professor of letters


ENOZAN AH Barthelemy professor of letters


YA KONAN Lucien professor of letters.


Kaur Drombé Konan loved professor of science.


Shafiq Kaur Alain professor of Science


KOFFI Ambroise professor of Science


-George Zégbé Zachee, teacher.


Three questions to Abel Kay (head of schooling)


Since when are you a professor at the de Sol Beni Academy and who were your first students?


The de Sol Beni Academy opened its doors to me in 2004. I joined as a volunteer professor of physical science. Immediately, I adhered to the philosophy of training of players who combine sports and school studies.


My first pupils were the promotion constituted by KOFFI Fish Steven, dixit Hamed Hervé, Dixita Abbott, Kay do Doua Iréné, CISSÉ Abdoul Karim, GOHI BI Cyriac and others…


How do you manage to achieve excellent results with young people for whom school is often not the priority?


Our first recipe is daily awareness by conveying the virtues of the school. Everyone will need to know that the school trains and educates young people on their own environment in order to achieve a better development in everyday life. We stimulate the interest of the children through simplified and practical courses with many exercises. There is no miracle in the matter. Only the work pays.


Which one of the boarders has the greatest impact on your school performance?


I could have quoted KOFFI fish Steven among others, who was serious and had good results. But I mainly remember Karyani Maila who got the CEPE in two years of study and also the patent the following two years. And yet he had never had the chance to go to school before he entered the de Sol Beni Academy.


This demonstrates the importance of the will to achieve its objectives


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