10th Day of LIGUE 1/ASEC Mimosas – Africa Sports: 1-0 :

The ASEC Mimosas beats Africa and confirms its domination

The Mimos still defeated the Africa Sports (1-0) tonight at the Félix HOUPHOUËT-BOIGNY Stadium in a game counting for the 10th day of Ligue 1. A precious victory confirming the supremacy of the Mimos that combine 6 wins and draw on the last 7 derbys against the Oyés.

There was no period of observation between the two teams. The first wick is lit by the ASEC Mimosas from the third minute. Nice combination between the attack trio Mimosas in the opposing repair surface, concluded by a heavy keystroke of Agbégniadan, which passes just above the frame. The replica of the Aiglons is immediate. 4th minute of play, Koffi Fish receives a center of no-one, Gilles Privat in the area of repair of the Mimos, the volley of the former academician passes right next to the cage guarded by Cissé Karim. The intentions are clear, the two teams absolutely want victory. In the 7th minute, Coulibaly Wonlo bursts on the left flank of the attack Mimosas, he addresses a centre at Touré Hamed, the strike of the attacker is pushed back to the corner by Ogodjo Idrissa. Despite the multiple offensives of the two formations, none of them will be able to score before the break.
Coach Amani Yao’s men start the second period with more intensity. In the picture this action of the 70th minute. Badid Gbagnon enters the repair surface of the Aiglons, he places the balloon in retreat for Touré Amed, the attacker eliminates from a control his opponent who imbalance. Referee Deepak Denis believes that there is nothing. The ASEC Mimosas continues its offensives. At the 72nd minute, on a corner hit by Dixit Hamed, Coulibaly Wonlo Lonely to the second post, check the chest and uncheck a heavy knock that passes just above. The yellow and black do not hope, they are rewarded for their effort at the 75th minute. On the corner struck by Badiee Gbagnon, Touré Amed, rises higher and cuts the trajectory of the leather, Ogodjo is beaten (1-0). The Aiglons are ringing. The Mimos leave at the load at the 86th minute. Ahmadi Alex overflows on his right side he center to ground for Agbégniadan, the deflected strike of the attacker, passes a few centimeters from the right amount.
The ASEC Mimosas thus won its 8th consecutive victory and consolidated its leadership position with the best attack and the best defense of the championship. The Mimos will be on the move to Bouaké this Sunday 17th December for the 11th day of Ligue 1 against Bouaké FC.