Editorial :

Cross-country race … with obstacles

A football championship is often compared to other sporting events but the one that seems the closest to it remains the cross-country race with obstacles, in the image of the 3 000 m Steeple who fights in athletics competitions.


These races can experience various scenarios and decompose in 3 phases: The Start and the heart of the race before the final packaging. In these long trials, unlike a sprint race like the 100 m flat, the departure is not capital and depending on the rider, the tactic will vary. Some will decide to move immediately in the lead to avoid falls in the heart of the pack when others prefer to put themselves in the back to preserve themselves and wait for the right time to attack hoping that the head riders will not take too In advance.


The heart of the race has a special character because its conclusion will depend on the rhythm imposed by the head riders. If they impose a high rate, many riders will be eliminated quickly and the final sprint will be played among the strongest. If the pace is slow, everyone will stay in the race until the end and there will be more competitors for victory. In this case the qualities of finishers will be decisive.


In addition to the obstacles that can have an impact by causing falls to the last hedge.
Many tactics exist, but the qualities of endurance, perseverance, patience and courage are essential.


To return to our League 1 championship, after the first third of the race, our team took the lead by imposing a very high rate with 6 wins in a row. These results allow us to be in a position of strength and confidence. We have been able to distance some direct opponents and that will not be negligible at the time of the accounts. We start the 2nd third this Thursday with 5 matches in 21 days including the derby against the Africa Sports this Sunday. This sequence of matches is one of the obstacles that arises on our road to the title. From the ability of our team (players and Framers) to negotiate well this period will depend strongly on the final ranking. Indeed, if we manage to impose the same frantic pace of victory during this part of the season, there is little chance that our opponents can follow us and we will avoid a final sprint always perilous.


The final sprint would be all the more difficult as we have the ambition to make a beautiful African campaign, always trying for the organizations and which often results in less good performance in Ligue 1 because of the repetition of matches and Travel.


As we approach this decisive phase, cultivating national values of Union, Discipline and work is not superfluous. On the contrary, they must allow everyone to surpass themselves and be even more efficient.


The training of young players is also a long-term test and the results obtained during the TIDA show that the path is fraught with obstacles that must be overcome. Despite the beautiful promises outlined by the young Mimos, they fell on a bone … Moroccan again. At work gentlemen, do not waste time, the final sprint is approaching!
Benoît YOU