CAF decision :

CAF sanctions ”ACTIONNAIRES” behaviour

The CAF’s disciplinary jury, at its meeting held at the CAF headquarters in Cairo on 5 October 2017, took the decision to sanction our club, the ASEC mimosas, for “The Jets of projectiles by the supporters of the club ASEC, towards the referee of the match” ASEC Mimosas /CF Mounana, played on 16 April 2017 at the Stade Robert Champroux as part of the Confederation Cup, “when they entered the locker room at the end of the match”.


The conviction amounts to US $5,000, or approximately 2 800 000 FCFA, and was issued under sections 82 and 83 of the CAF disciplinary Code.


This sanction is a hard blow to the image of our club which keeps calling its supporters to FAIR PLAY and exemplary. and,


Me Roger OUEGNIN regularly reminds shareholders of the risks involved in the event of improper behaviour in the stadiums. He still called for their sense of responsibility, indispensable to build a strong and exemplary club, at the last general meeting of the club on 27 August 2017.


These speeches have unfortunately not been able to prevent these “incidents” and this decision must serve as a lesson for the future so that these kinds of behaviours no longer recur, despite sometimes a sense of injustice. In all circumstances, our club and its supporters must be worthy and respectful of the decisions of the officials of the matches. This is the brand of the big clubs like ours!


We invite many coming shareholders to the stadium to support their team with fervor but in the discipline and being FAIR PLAY whatever the results and the circumstances.


And the shareholders are able to meet this great challenge because the challenges ahead are numerous and exhilarating.


To close this chapter, the Board of Directors of the club regrets that it has not been informed, either by the CAF or by the IFF, that these “incidents” had been the subject of a report by the officials of the match and a pending procedure with the CAF disciplinary jury. …