2nd League Day 1/ASEC Mimosas – WAC: 0 – 0 :

The WAC resists the ASEC

The shareholders will still wait to attend the first victory of their team, held in check (0 – 0) by the WAC, this evening at the Stade Félix Houphouët-Boigny, on the 2nd day of Ligue 1.


This evening, the Mimos almost reproduced their first day’s performance against the AFAD that had won it (1 – 0). A first half fair and a second time much better. Despite changes in the starting 11, the ASEC Mimosas had an average first period with a somewhat idle game, sanctioned by no real opportunity to face the WAC’s opponent visibly come to seek the point of the draw.


The entry into play of YAO Kaya Alphonse says Fonsinho in lieu of Samake Gaoussou, in the second period, changes somewhat the physiognomy of the match. From a system in 4-5-1, we switched to 4-3-3 with a more fluid corridor set. On practically its first offensive, at the 60th Mn, YAO Kaya Alphonse offers a luminous pass to Diabate Latif who presents himself facing the goalkeeper. The strike of the attacker Mimosas is pushed back by fists once by MANDJUI Boris. The ball echoed to Badie GBAGNON in ambush which unfortunately does not fit its recovery to open the score. The game is much more lively. Both teams lead offensives that unfortunately do not succeed. Coach AMANI Yao brings new blood to his team with the successive entries of Salah Issa and Don Fabuis. The Mimos are even more biting but do not succeed in failing to take the Williamsville wasps and tear the point of the draw. In the absence of winning, the ASEC Mimosas will be content to share the points of the tie with the WAC. The Mimos will still have to wait for the 3rd day, on Sunday 29 October next, facing USC Bassam to hope to get their first win in this League 1.