ASEC confirms its supremacy over Africa

The ASEC Mimosas won the Super Coupe Félix HOUPHOUET-BOIGNY, this Saturday 30 September 2017, beating (1-0) His eternal rival, the Africa Sports of Abidjan, on the occasion of the 38th edition at the Felicia. This is the 15th trophy for the Mimos and the 8th win against the Aiglons in this competition.


Leaders, players, supporters, journalists and lovers of the round ball are happy to meet at the Stade Félix HOUPHOUET-BOIGNY on the occasion of this derby ASEC-AFRICA. Especially to follow and live a new season Cuvée 2017-2018, with its lot of surprises and emotions. In the presence of the Minister of Sports and Recreation, François Albert Aggarwal. But also of the former glories of Ivorian football, notably Tan Aimé “Galego” of Africa and Yusuf Fofana, “the Black Diamond” of the ASEC Mimosas, who have also kicked off this derby. Preceded by a minute of silence to honor El Hadj divide Youba, member of the Board of directors and responsible for the animation and mobilization of the shareholders of the Centre-Nord Zone, who died on 29 September 2017.


A first half-time hotly disputed


Both teams hit each other for a game kick. From the first min, the ASEC Mimosas, almost coldly picked up the Africa Sports by the attacking Burkina OUSSALE Hervé who eliminated his vis-à-vis in the opposing repair surface but his striking, without power, is captured by Za Hortalain. Africa will respond immediately to the second minute. On a pass between Mimos defenders, GLOUDOUEU Angel Barési mixes the pedals and offers a caviar to GONAZO YA BI Thomas who finds himself alone facing CISSE Abdul Karim, misses the frame. After this phase, Mimos and Aiglons attempt to take the game in hand. This will cause a lot of faults in the game on both side. But in the 23rd min, the Mimosas will take advantage of the score. Indeed, on a ball coming from the left, the attacking Burkina HOUSSALE Hervé, succeeded a feint of impeccable body that will turn into a goal opportunity for AGBEGNIADAN, but the Togolese striker will be mowed at the entrance of the repair surface. Stunned Za Hortalain is masterfully struck by the free kick. 1-0 for the ASEC Mimosas. After the goal, the Africa Sports will push to return to the score but alas, the score will remain unchanged until the break.


On the return of the changing rooms, Coach AMANI YAO Lambert César brings new blood to his midfield by entering the place of Samake Gaoussou. The collective of the ASEC Mimosas challenges the Aiglons who will retreat and proceed by counterattacks. The game is therefore animated with several occasions on each side. In particular, HOUSSALE Hervé, alone at the penalty point will miss his control (70th min), AGBEGNIADAN’s not fit his strike (72 è min), diabate Ibrahim Yalatif will see his head pass right next to the frame, side ASEC Mimosas. Gonazo BI YA Thomas (69th min), 74 ‘ The striking of Sandra Nacanaba is repelled by Cissé Karim for Africa Sports. The game will be played up to the end of the additional time. The Mimos will succeed in annihilating all the vague of green and red until the final whistle of Thierry Kabeyi. Final Score 1-0 in favor of the ASEC Mimosas. The author of the sole purpose of the game, Dixit Hamed Hervé is elected man of the match.


The stockholders are drunk with happiness. Because what had to happen came. 3rd face-to-face this season, 3rd defeat for Africa Sports. This now gives 8 wins for the ASEC Mimosas against 3 for the Africa in Super coupe FHB. The supremacy of the Mimos is confirmed. This victory opens new Horizons laden with hopes, a few days from the opening of the new season 2017-2018 scheduled for October 14th. An ordained season, “confirmation and consecration season”.