INTERVIEW ... KOUADJO Félix (assistant coach at the MimoSifcom) :

“A great experience”

KOUADJO Félix, one of the assistant coaches of the Académie MimoSifcom, received (August 8-18) a training course in athletic preparation, in Morocco, at the Mohamed VI Academy. Returning from his internship, the young coach appreciates at his fair value the opportunity offered to him.


You spent 10 days at the Mohamed VI Academy in Morocco as part of a training course in athletic preparation. How did you find your Moroccan stay?


The Moroccan stay was very rich in terms of discoveries, exchanges and especially learning. All this promoted by sympathetic and experienced coaches. It was a great experience. I’m very grown up.


What was the practical way to do these 10 days of internship?


I took part in athletic prep sessions. In addition and above all, I have benefited from theoretical courses, exchanges with the coach Thomas PAVILLON and the ensemble of the technical staff of the Académie Mohamed VI, but also with the director Luc BRUDER. Beyond the athletic preparation, I was able to attend the first three days of a Moroccan coaching course which took place on the site of the Mohamed VI Academy. I took the opportunity to follow the training sessions of the young boarders and to attend the friendly matches of the Mohamed VI Academy and the meeting of the U17 national team of Morocco against Nigeria. I also visited the Moroccan Football Technical Center.
What are the great lessons you learn from this internship?

This internship was a great plus for my person as a trainer. Football is a set and today the athletic aspect is a decisive factor in sports performance. I now have a very good base in the field, because already having a master’s degree in STAPS (technical Sciences of physical activities and sports). Thanks to this internship, I was able to refine and reorganize some things in terms of planning, goals and great principles of athletic preparation. This training will also be beneficial to the Académie MimoSifcom, as I use everything I have learned in order to allow our young players to benefit from a better athletic and mental preparation that meets the demands of the high Level. For the benefit of the residents and the ASEC Mimosas, I will fully invest with my collaborators to achieve better results in terms of player training.

What was the most marked for you in those 10 days?

I was impressed by the technical staff of the Académie Mohamed VI, first. It is a power of work, with many exchanges, critics, and a professional organization. All this under the direction of coach Luc BRUDER whom I thank. I would also like to thank his deputies, OANN, ABDEL, NAJIB, BOUBOU, MOHAMED, FRANCK and Thomas PAVILLON for his expertise, as well as the DTN of Morocco, Nasser LARGUET. I do not forget Mrs LEILA, the administrative director of the Centre for her great attention to me. The material used during the internship was really quality. I also noted the kindness and brotherhood of the Moroccan staff and people.
How did you find the framework for the centre of the Mohamed VI Academy?

The Mohamed VI Academy is one of the best training centres in the world in terms of infrastructure. It is equipped with 7 playgrounds, a school pole, accommodation, medical and catering which are of a remarkable professional level. Foreign visits are almost daily. It is a luxurious and very comfortable setting.

Does this internship have a relationship with Pascal THEAULT, the director general of the Académie Beni, who was the technical director of the Mohamed VI Academy?

Yes, of course. Through his relations with the Académie Mohamed VI, Coach Pascal is the one who promoted this internship. He enjoys a great reputation left in this academy, everywhere in Morocco and especially with the athletic trainer Thomas PAVILLON with whom he has worked for over 6 years. Pavilion has the means and materials that meet the requirements of the high level. There was no better for a first internship like this. After that, I hope to have the opportunity to go and discover other things in Europe …

What’s your end word?

I thank the leaders of the ASEC Mimosas, in particular, the PCA me Roger OUEGNIN, Director General Benoît YOU and especially the coach Pascal THEAULT for the confidence placed in me to participate in this internship. This shows that the ASEC Mimosas makes the formation of its executives a very important element in the implementation of the policy of professionalism.

The most important now for me is to implement this experience at the disposal of my colleagues of the Beni Academy in order to improve them for better use and for the benefit of our young boarders.