Interview ... Safy Fadika (Director of the Sol Béni sports) :

“To ensure the quality of our services and the safety of children, on blessed ground”

The Grand Vacances 2017 will be held from Monday 12th June to Friday 18 August next, on Sol Beni. As in previous years, everything is in place to accommodate and allow children from 3 to 16 years of age to spend a pleasant holiday in the ideal setting of the sports complex of blessed soil. Safy Fadika, the main organiser, gives more clarification on these 2017 internships through this interview:


Can you give us the outline of the content of these great holiday internships, from the 2017 season?


In summary, the whole team looked forward to the beginning of these internships. We have very good memories of last year’s!


That is why we are better organized, strong in all previous editions, and plan to carry out some of the activities cancelled last year due to lack of time. There will always be so many sports, tournaments, and we’ll also be bringing in external experts who want to bring their positive touches into this program.
What will be the novelty this season knowing that you are accustomed to innovate every year?

We are very keen on the variety of activities offered to children, in order to always stimulate them and why not allow them to discover new interests. This year they will have Kung fu, rollerblading, boxing, sewing, and pastry, among others …

Registrations have started since Monday 1 June last, do you have a host threshold number of participants? If so, what are the reasons for this?

We are able to accommodate at least 500 children. However, because of some redevelopment in the program, we are thinking of limiting ourselves to 350. This, in order to ensure the quality of our services and the safety of children, on blessed ground.
You are the main organizer, but also one of the coaches of these internships. In what area do you specifically come in?

Alas, this year the organization is so dear to me that I will not be able to intervene in the courses. I would have liked to …

What are your recommendations for parents and their children?

They call to reserve their place. We have had a lot of demand and I am afraid we will not remerge the world … Children must not miss these unforgettable moments on blessed ground.

Interview conducted by H. K