8e journée de Ligue Jeunes U20/ ASEC Mimosas – Séwé Sport : 3 – 1 :

The ASEC continues his winning streak

For his penultimate match of the first phase of the League youth U20, ASEC Mimosas signed another victory, this time on Séwé Sport he beat (3-1), Saturday morning, at the Robert CHAMPROUX Stadium, on behalf of the 8th day.

A match completely dominated by Mimos, at the 5th minute, will provide a first opportunity goal. YOHORE Christ on the side right, provides a Center for the resumption of flight of talent Abdul, but the shot ball is unfortunately countered by a teammate. Three minutes later, and launched into the depth, talent Abdul go right in a face to face with the goalkeeper of Séwé Sport that wins the duel. The beginning of the game is one-way. Mimos returned to the charge, in the 16th minute, on a beautiful partnership between TAPSOBA Abdoul and VOLI BI Abdoul. The "one two" between two teammates is perfect for a pure strike from VOLI BI Abdoul, who opened the scoring for ASEC Mimosas (1-0, 16th min). The yellow and black take the advantage to score and manhandle their opponents in the game. Offensive actions mimosas are increasing in the face of Séwékés resolutely turned on the defensive. Before reaching the break, ASEC Mimosas Gets a clear chance of scoring. DIARRASSOUBA Salifou (entered instead of IVAN Ollo) reported by a powerful strike, full axis, forcing the goalkeeper Seweke to a beautiful parade to danger (35th minute).

Mimos come back from the break with a lot more desire to get away to score. At the 51st minute, on an individual achievement, YOHORE Christ perforates the defence of Séwé Sport and going quietly fight BAMBA Ibrahim, the goalkeeper of Séwé Sport (2-0, 51st min). ASEC Mimosas double brand and place quietly. Entered in place of ADIRAN 'n' Goran, LASME Guy Aimé reports also on a free kick out of the way, in the 64th minute. The goalkeeper Seweke is glad to see the balloon returned by his left post. ASEC Mimosas will still dig the gap in the 70th minute, on a placed attack and in conclusion, LASME Guy shifts well DIARRASSOUBA Salifou, all in force, left foot, leaving no chance to BAMBA Ibrahim, the goalkeeper Seweke (3-0, 70th min). L e "break" so, Mimos relax somewhat and allow their opponents to reduce the score by a goal full of irregularity of TCHENFA Lucky (3-1, 79th min). ASEC Mimosas are missing a fourth goal in any end of game, on an overflow of YOHORE Christ (which has caused misery to the defence of Séwé Sport), for the head missed Karim KONATE, on the goal line.
ASEC Mimosas remains undefeated and wins his 7th game on 8, pending its final game of this 1st phase, next weekend, against the ivory Academy team.