The match of extremes has logically turned to the advantage of the leader, ASEC Mimosas which took the best (0-2) on the Red Lantern, the JCAT, tonight, at the RobertCHAMPROUX Stadium, on the 17th day of League 1. A valuable victory for ASEC Mimosas that reinforces its leading position before the shock at the top against the Séwé sports de San Pedro, the next Sunday.

In a logic of turn-over of his team, due to the estate matches, ASEC Mimosas presents itself in a schema in 35 – 2, with the tenure of young OUATTARA Zié on the left flank and the repositioning of ANGBANDJI Alex, in the axis of the defense to overcome absences GLOUDOUEU Baresi and AIDARA Mohamed. Mimos take the game to their account from the start with a first strike of POE Jean Morel, which is unfortunately not framed (1′). The laundry is high and the domination is intense. However, we lack of precision in the last act on this action of the 22nd minute. Mpumbu KATALAYis served in the back of the defense. It disposes of a counterpart and puts the ball back to Aristide BANCE which the flat foot, too weak, manages to trick Mamadou DIALLO, the goalkeeper of the JCAT. The image of this action, the dominance of ASEC Mimosas remains sterile until the blow of whistles bringing the teams into the locker room for halftime.

ASEC Mimosas back from halftime with a change of player and tactics. DOSSO Fabius replaces OUATTARA Zié and the team is positioned 4 – 4 2. We have therefore, attends a one-sided match. The JCAT is completely entrenched in his own half and is only defending itself. Mimos redoubling burning with an elusive DOSSO Fabius. At the 54th minute, striker mimosas seeps into the defence of the JCAT and fires a shot that is pushed back on the line by a defensive back. At the 64th minute, Aristide BANCE started his race in the sense of purpose. He was shot at the entrance of the penalty area by YOBOUE Kouadio, last defender position. Kick and logic red card for the player. Aristide BANCE decides to get justice. The kick is broken down. ANGBANDJI Alex slide the ball for pure typing of Aristide BANCE which ends its run in the nets of the JCAT. ASEC Mimosas score (01) and continues to rough up his opponent.

The JCAT has no time digest this goal ASEC Mimosas returned to the charge. At the70th minute, DOSSO Fabius triggers a solitary action and will review the JCAT defence before serving intelligently Aristide BANCE, in line with the goal. The flat foot of striker mimosas made fly. BANCE sign twice for ASEC Mimosas and for its own account (02). The key is done. The yellow and black handle well the end of game and wins the victory points. A valuable victory which allows them to maintain the gap of 4 points with Séwé Sport (2nd) before their confrontation on this Sunday, April 2, from17:30, at the Robert CHAMPROUX Stadium.