Phase go Ligue 1 ended last weekend. At the end of the first thirteen days, ASEC Mimosas occupies the top of the table and grabs the title of champion of the stage go. If this small book satisfaction does clear not all sports questions, however deserves to be highlighted. She confirms that the Mimos are on the right track. For the leaders and supporters of the Club yellow and black, the feelings of the moment are comparable to those that drive parents and students after a successful examination.

A little balance is the same. The first place occupied by our team is explained in large part by the starting gun, taken early in the Championship. The success and the offensive success of the first days placed the team on the right track. Capital trust established on this occasion is not eroded and allowed our team to find the resources to get out of the traps encountered. This is a positive point that we put to the creditof the players and coaches. Kudos to them!

However, the good start to the season then gave way to a series of meetings whoseresults challenge us as much as the content of the games. While we expected to seeASEC align victories and outrun opponents, we attended a series of matches, five intotal, accompanied by two losses. This irregular career has allowed our competitorsto get back in the race and to catch up in the ranking. Our total of six victories wasn’t enough to dig the gap and remain within reach of the firing of our pursuers.

Analysis of the complete ranking of the League 1 shows that nothing is still done forthe title of champion of Côte d’Ivoire. Indicators clearly encourage caution and especially at work.
First, we find that the first three have the same number of victories: six. The first fiveare held by only four points. The first is ahead of the second of a point and the thirdby just three points. The top of the ranking is very narrow and one that will make amisstep will catch up and exceed by prosecutors. It is all well to count that the Championship is finally very contested and that all the big guns are still in the race for the title. Finishing top of the phase go is, in these conditions, a special character.
During this first part of the season, we have also witnessed the return of Mimos public. The stands of the Champroux Stadium are met during the matches of the ASEC. Public yellow and black is present and pushes his team during the games. He should be congratulated. His taste for the beautiful game is known. It consists of purists and lovers of a game in which children have fun and win.
Shareholders, through their enthusiasm, have strongly contributed to the success ofwhite examination of their team. Doing so, they themselves managed their review of first half of the season. Now that will be the phase return and the start of the African Cup, the Mimos people must stay active to give his team the rage to overcome.The questions of the fans are heard and taken into account. Appointment is given to them late in the season to see the success of the plan implemented by the designer of the Chinese method, President Roger OUEGNIN.
In total, we can rejoice in this first place. She is hopeful, but also commitments towards all those who are attached to ASEC Mimosas. To pass the final exam, the only one that matters, on the evening of the 26th day, we must remain focused, determined, mobilized, persevering in the effort, positive in every circumstance and solidarity. It is a programme of work that concerns us all. Here lies the secret of success at theend of the 2017 season review.
By Léonce YACÉ, President-delegate of the ASEC Mimosas
Excerpt from the Mimosas Magazine N ° 1316 of March 10, 2017