3rd day of League youth U20 / AFAD - ASEC Mimosas: 0-5 :

The mimosas festival

In a match she dominated on all plans, ASEC Mimosas worked a team of AFAD yet to equal point in the standings before the match (0-5), Saturday morning, at the Robert Champroux Stadium, on the 3rd day of the U20 Youth League.


Disciplined, focused and applied, the first Academy youth, from the outset, applieda high dry cleaners that pays off at the 9th minute. Centre forward TAPSOBA Abdoul intercepts the pass of the central defender of AFAD, make an appointment with the goalkeeper, the feigned and marks in the empty post (0-1). ASEC Mimosas takesthe advantage to score and returned to the charge, 4 minutes after. DIARRASSOUBA Salifou made preparatory work and shifts VOLI BI Abdul, whose strike is repelledat first by SANTIA Lamine, the goalkeeper of AFAD. TAPSOBA Abdoul, in ambush emerges to push the ball into the net and double for his team and for his own account (02). Things are going fast for the AFAD players who no longer know which way to turn, so the mimosas pressure is strong. By dint of experience, they cash a thirdgoal in the 22nd minute. A “school purpose”, with one or two touches ball. Left their camp, the central defender of professional membership, KOSSONOU Odilon, Mimos unfold until you reach TAPSOBA Abdoul, on the right side. The latter Centre the flat foot of DIARRASSOUBA Salifou who triple the score in favor of the yellow and black (03) before the half-hour. He’s ‘ ASEC Mimosas manages its forces to achieve this score at halftime.


A situation that bothers, Julien CHEVALIER, coach mimosas: “we are well, especially to the score, but let us not fall asleep. It is not enough. To stay focused and enjoy this advance to work and improve our knowledge do”, he said at halftime.


Instructions pretty well pick by his players who are first trying to contain firmly thefew attacks afadistes before making the final blow. After ill-fitting attempts, they found the flaw in the camp of AFAD 60th minutes and in the 64th minute. Firstly, following another beautiful game phase, DIARRASSOUBA Salifou sends a nice Center resumed inexorably by TAPSOBA Abdoul, who signs his personal triple, for the 4 goalsto 0. 4 minutes later, it’s lay Guy coming to see its name in the list of scorers, a recovery in half volley for the 5th and final goal of the game (0-5). ASEC Mimosas could register a 6th goal during stoppage time after that VOLI BI Abdul was rid of a defender and sent a wrapped shot that unfortunately went over the crossbar.


A new success for the yellow and blacks who confirm and are now 3 wins, with how, in as many match.