Directly from the D3 to the League 11, NOUGBELE Christian has managed to make this leap without much difficulty. It shines in her class in the team of ASEC Mimosaswhich is the revelation of the beginning of the season. Let’s take a talent unmatched with a mind of steel.

He plays as if he‘s having fun. And he‘s playing well on a football field. He likes to have fun and admire its beautiful technique of control, Sham, of dribbling, juggling. Sometimes, NOUGBELE Christian amazes the public when his technical palette helps the offensive game of his team. Other times, he annoys the shareholders when they feel it tweaked and delays the game. But NOUGBELE Christian has a cure. For him, football is fun and it does not let know on the ground. Once out of the green rectangle, the young artist from Kocoumbo is rather lucid. “I don’t knowingly. It’s my way ofplaying. But I think I must take into account the remarks to improve my game. The attacking midfielder Mimosas is aware that everything is not useful in his gestures. “I am in my first season in Ligue 1. I had never even played before in Ligue 2. I just directly the D3 where I was at CF Kocoumbo. There, the requirements are less large. In Ligue 1, however, the obligation of result and the the public pressure on the teamand the coaches are such that to be preferred efficiency to the show. This is the condition to succeed at this level and I intend to get there through hard work,”acknowledges NOUGBELE.

Successful integration

“Frankly, I‘m surprised myself by my success in Ligue 1 and ASEC Mimosas. I had never known the high level. I was wondering if I‘d jump from the D3 to the elite division of our football that is among the best in Africa. And I got this bet. But I have to first to ASEC Mimosas leaders who agreed to join this club, the most popular of WestAfrica. Then I owe it to my coach who believed in me and that makes me trust fromthe beginning. Finally I owe it to the healthy atmosphere within the team that counts many young people and elders who advise and govern well. I owe finally to my qualities, to trust that I always had in me and my attendance at work. This is what convinced my coach TRAORE Siaka said Gigi. »

The point guard who missed the ASEC in recent years

NOUGBELE Christian is the playmaker, the metronome which ASEC Mimosas dreamed in recent seasons? It has all the air, even if he has much progress by RID his game of useless gestures and seek above all the speed and efficiency. Very technical player, phenomenal endurance, outstanding qualities for a recruit from the D3 where the physical requirement level is far lower than that of the Ligue 1, NOUGBELE Christian has all the assets to shine more in midfield mimosas. Scorer, passer, intelligent, perceptive, technically gifted and playing wonderfully in both feet, it very quickly became indispensable in midfield mimosas, to the delight of shareholders and observers.

Measured ambitions

“I have 20 years. I‘m in my early days in Ligue 1. I want to prove myself to ASEC Mimosas, then watch it come. I want to win the Ligue 1 this year and go as far as possible in Confederation with my club Cup. We have a good team to achieve these goals.With a little luck, we‘ll get there. After I missed the national local and Olympic selections. Each of these steps will allow me to improve myself to go even higher. I‘m nota man in a hurry. With a bit of luck, I will fulfill my ambitions.” It’s all the evil that theshareholders and the purists of the game want to NOUGBELE Christian.

First name: Christian
AGE: 20 years
WEIGHT: 71 kg
HEIGHT: 1.76 m
POSITION: Midfield