For his entry in the running in the U20 Youth League, ASEC Mimosas hit hard étrillant the stadium of Abidjan (41), Saturday morning, at the Robert CHAMPROUX Stadium, on the 1st day of this Championship.
The show, the game and goals, here’s what gave to see the youth of the first Academy, this morning, in the face of the Abidjan Stadium. In a match almost one-way where their goalkeeper BAMBA Aboubakar had virtually nothing to do, the yellow and black rolled out their game made of small passes with ball calls in depth. From the 10th minute, and now a high dry cleaners, they create the first opportunity in the feetof young VOLI BI Abdoul, who serves TAPSOBA Abdul including the strike shaved the left post of the Rennes goalkeeper. 10 minutes later the same TAPSOBA Abdoul comes face NAGOLI maxim the goalkeeper of the Abidjan Stadium winning his duel. The Mimosas are besieging the camp blue and red and the opportunities of goal succeed. At the 26th minute, OLLO Ivan spills over to his side and serves BAMBA Mohamed in the penalty area which unfortunately does not put enough power in his shot to beat NAGOLI maxim. Stade try a replica in the 32nd minute on acounterattack, but they are caught by a handsome return defensive mimosas. Past the half-hour without scoring, LOUE Bayere decides to take responsibility on the side. He plays with his counterpart and began a sprint over 40 m to go fight the Rennes goalkeeper (10, 37th min). ASEC Mimosas logically opened the scoring before thebreak.
“Let us be more lucid in front of goal.” Here are summary speech of Julien CHEVALIER, in the locker room. Back from the break and despite the difference in size, these are Mimos which appear more dynamic. The 49th minutes, OLLO Ivan spills over to his side and address a past in contrast to VOLI BI Abdoul, who does not fit his shot.The Abidjan Stadium undergoes the game and will still pitch, in the 55th minute. TAPSOBA Abdoul beautifully serves the very in verve OLLO Ivan who wraps his ball toput it out of reach of the goalkeeper of purpose and its defenders (2-0). Mimos double the bet and already believe in victory. They lack a bit of concentration, which is beneficial to Stade that reduce the brand by DIALLO Angel (21, 87th min) and are all – close to getting the equalizer in the next minute. Fortunately, the striking of theYacouba, shaving the right amount of BAMBA Aboubakar. Woken up by this attempt to return Rennes, mimos put an end to the suspense by scoring a third goal as a result of an overflow of LASME Aimé Guy, entered during the game which address a perfect Center to the far post for the victorious VOLI BI Abdoul head (3-1, 89 min). For the icing on the cake, Sol Beni residents add a 4th goal in extra time by OLLO Ivan which concludes in very beautiful way, a counter-attack, in “one-two” with VOLI BI Abdul (4-1). The U20 Youth League is on track to the Mimos returning to prepare forSol Beni in the meantime the programming of the 2nd day.