The Ivorian League 1 observes a break of about a month, after his first nine days. It’s the time of the Africa Cup of Nations. Priority is given to national teams and their animal figures. Elephants, Lions, hawks, eagles, Panthers, Fennecs and other gangs occupy our screens since last Saturday. Our dear Ligue 1 players are on vacation. The ASEC Mimosas, we developed a special program to furnish this international break. What was intended by our framers will be certainly please you.

Our professional team will be training in Ouaga, from January 23 to February 3. She will play three friendly games against formations of the Burkina Faso Championship. During his stay, the technical supervision will have the opportunity to conduct a broad review of the troops. Away from the bustle of Abidjan, Mimos players will be able to consolidate their ties and strengthen their team spirit. This grouping will therefore prepare the forthcoming national and international of ASEC Mimosas. The yellow group and black will have a busy schedule, with physical, technical and tactical sessions, and of course the relaxing breaks devoted to the discovery of Ouaga the beautiful.

These holiday homework are imperative for ASEC Mimosas. To finish at the top of the stage go to Ligue 1, we need to win the next four games. This target command to erase the shortcomings found during the first nine days. It also means restoring the desire and confidence to players who have had little time to play during the first two months of competition. As after a school exam, Mimos supervisors will have to make an assessment with each player interview to identify areas for progress, determine the efforts to do, awarded the good and bad points, to return to competition in the best sports and human.

The interest of this internship and benefits expected have not escaped President Roger OUEGNIN. That’s why it responded favourably to the solicitations of the technical staff for the Organization of this mission in Earth burkinabe. Substantial resources were brought together to ensure success. ASEC Mimosas is concerned with the title of Champion of Côte d’Ivoire. This ambition through Burkina Faso, the country of the men integrated, whose nationals are avid supporters Mimos.

During this period of truce international, the stallions Mimosas – Hervé KOFFI, Aristide BANCÉ and Souleymane KOANDA – have a course different program. They are the CAN with the Burkina Faso team. Their participation in this competition fills with pride the people of shareholders. They will not travel to Ouagadougou, but it is certain that their teammates will not fail of a reserve full of memories to tell them, on their return from the CAN. In this context, there is no doubt they present them feverishly visit they will make to the Mogho Naba. The blessings of the highly respected King of the Mossi will be certainly useful to the Mimosas group to overcome the obstacles of any kind which on its way in the coming months. 

Shareholders also have duties of holiday. They are invited to give life to the communal committees and companies. President MESSOU stands available to them to support their initiatives and make their voices heard. Players will need their active support to the recovery. It is at this price that the holiday of all homework will give good fruit.

By Léonce YACÉ, President-delegate

Excerpt from the Mimosas Magazine No. 1309 Thursday, January 19, 2017