RETRO BASKETBALL African Cup of Champions Basketball (men) 2000 edition :

The victory of the union, the courage and faith

African Cup of Champions Basketball (men) 2000 edition
The victory of the union, the courage and faith

On Tuesday, July 25, 2000, at Treichville Sports Palace, ASEC Mimosas basketball men’s team won the African Cup of champions clubs for the second time, beating Atletico Petroleos of Angola in the final (63-61). And this, eleven years after his first continental consecration, in 1989, in the same competition, in the same arena and in front of the same opponent. The comparison is stark.

The feat is equally. This continental consecration was the sacred union family, the courage and the faith of Mimosas. This enabled them to have entry (63-50) of the Nigerian Islanders team on the first day played on Friday, July 21, 2000, at the Palace of Sports of Treichville. Confident and motivated by this promising success, DJADJI Clément coach and his players are needed then (55-84) to the formation of BC ONATRA of Congo Dr, Saturday, July 22, 2000, on the occasion of the 2nd day. This second victory qualified them for the final which takes place on Tuesday, July 25.

The other finalist is called the Atletico Petroleos of Angola. This last meeting of the competition is very tight. The two teams are tied (61-61) in the last seconds of the game. ASEC Mimosas gets two throws. The Mimos AMALABIAN Blaise, that the fault was committed is responsible for carrying out the sentence.

His hands do not shake. For all ASEC Mimosas, they become God because it marks the two throws. And the referee whistled the end of the game. ASEC Mimosas WINS (63-61) and became the champion of African champions Club for the second time. Captain Abou BAKAYOKO and his teammates have become the heroes of Ivory Coast.

Beautiful consecration for the PCA of the club, Me Roger OUEGNIN, for the President of the Section, Macdonald Alou and his staff, but also for coach DJADJI Clément. Unfortunately this Tuesday, 25 July 2000, after watching the coronation of the Mimosas basketball on television, THIAM Belafonte, the Editorial Director and sponsor of the Section the club basketball, died at his home. A sad event that diminished the joy of this sacred.

DISAPPOINTING Clement (coach of the men of basketball team of ASEC Mimosas, in 2000)
«? “This second continental Crown in 2000 I was more pleased than the first?

What memories do you keep two sacred to the men of basketball team of ASEC Mimosas, in the African Cup of champions clubs 1989, then in 2000?
In football and basketball, the African Cup of champions clubs represents the supreme consecration for all clubs. I won this competition for the first time in 1989, as a player. This victory was the culmination of several years of effort of a golden generation of basketball players that we were with the Macdonald Alou, ELLOH Dingui, BAH Florent, ABBAS Diop, Paul Sanchez said Pablo and others. I won him then as a coach in 2000. I became basketball coach to share my experience with the new generations. I want to teach them what had enabled me, when I was a player, to be one of the best in my generation. I want to teach them that success is always at the end of the effort. With perseverance, I had managed to instill these notions to my players. This had allowed us to reach our goal of winning this second continental Crown in the African Cup of champions clubs.

What is it that you had won this title for the second time, in 2000?
From 1990 to 2000, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASEC Mimosas, Me Roger OUEGNIN, much supported financially the club basketball Section. This enormously motivated leaders, technical supervisors, and players. We had former players of the Section as ELLOH Dingui, then Macdonald Alou as section officers. They were able to federate all energies to bring us to our goals. I worked with a college of coaches made up of SANOGO Seydou Badjan, CLARK Gilbert and Maurice Samuel. Thereby, we have been able to win the competition.

What is striking is that your team had managed a faultless until final. How do you explain this today?
I was telling my players knew all the teams in this tournament playing basketball. The difference would be the level of envy, our commitment and our willingness to push our boundaries to refuse defeat or elimination. I also told them that we had to go at the end of the tournament, which was organized at home. We have extraordinary support of our leadership and our supporters. The most difficult for us was our entry into the competition. That’s what we did by beating lslanders of Nigeria. And everything was going well. We then beat the Congolese team BC ONATRA and Petro Atletico in the final.

How did you experience this second continental consecration in relation to the first?
This second continental Crown in 2000 I was more pleased than the first I won when I was a player. Because it was not easy. It was a great satisfaction for bringing young players to surpass to win this title and give pleasure to the entire nation. In 1989, it was different. We had very great players who knew they could win the competition. I am proud to be the only Ivorian to have won the African Cup of champions clubs as a player then as a coach. I dedicate this second trophy to President Roger OUEGNIN and all shareholders. They had known all the support us we needed to win this trophy. I say thank you and I wish that they recreate the same conditions to allow Section basketball of ASEC Mimosas bloom again.

Ismael KONE

Excerpt from the mimosas magazine N ° 1308 Thursday, January 12, 2017