The Actionnaires

With nearly 8,000,000 of sympathizers in Côte d’Ivoire and in the subregion 15,000,000, ASEC Mimosas is one of the most popular clubs in Africa. ASEC Mimosas supporters called shareholders are organized within a structure: the CNACO (National action and Coordination Committee) chaired since 1993 by another lawyer to the Court, master KONE Mamadou and composed of:
  • 350 committees (communal, villagers, students, women, etc) which are members of the National Committee (CNACO)
  • 40,000 relays the CNACO is represented both in Côte d’Ivoire and outside the country by regional committeesmunicipal, departmental, companies…

The President

Me KONE Mamadou
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASEC MIMOSAS, responsible for the Protection and strengthening of heritage


Messou Kablan


M. ADJOLEKPO Koko Kouassi Eugène (Southern abidjan)

Djira Youba (North abidjan)

Comité National d’Action et de Coordination

Abidjan Treichville-Arras
01 BP 2172 Abidjan 01, RCI
Tél. :(225) 21 25 03 87 – Fax :(225) 20 21 14 38