Ligue 1 / Round 13 / ASEC Mimosas — FC San Pedro :

Start the new year well

ASEC Mimosas has the opportunity to start the new year well in the event of a victory, Monday, January 6, 2020, against FC San Pedro, as part of the 13th day of Ligue 1. This will allow him to finish champion of the first leg ahead of Racing Club and AFAD respectively 1st and 2nd in the standings.


Between FC San Pedro and ASEC Mimosas, since the Rover Scouts’ rise to Ligue 1 in 2016, it’s a story of « I win the first game, you win the second ». In this game, it was the San Pedro team that finally took the lead last season after their victory (13) on the move, in the first leg, in Abidjan, on the 9th day, and then the draw (1-1) obtained at home in the return leg , on the occasion of the 22nd day. While in the first 2 sessions (2016-2017 and 2017-2018), each of the two teams had 2 wins and 2 losses. In 6 confrontations in the competition over the last 3 seasons, the Rover Scouts have won 3 and 1 draw against 2 losses. The ASEC Mimosas team will be able to turn the tide this season. With a victory on Monday pro-chain, it will restore the balance of success by atten- the outcome of the round back in San Pedro.


This last meeting of the first leg has a big challenge for the Mi-mosas who, if they win it even by the smallest brand, have the opportunity to occupy the leader’s chair thanks to a best-their differential goal. Indeed, before facing FC San Pedro, ASEC Mimosas has 21 points and a differential goal 8. The teams of the Racing Club of Abidjan and aFAD Abidjan Plateau who drew (1-1) respectively ahead of Issia Wazy and SC Gagnoa each have 24 points and 5 points. ASEC Mimosas and Shareholders will once again join forces to meet this challenge.

FC San Pedro, who, before facing ASEC Mimosas, is 2 games behind, intends to take advantage of these opportunities to get considerably closer to the podium with 23 points, if it wins its last two matches of the first leg. There will be a match next Monday between the two teams.


ASEC Mimosas is the 3rd best ever (16 goals) behind Racing CA (18) and AFAD (17) and the best defence with 8 goals conceded when FC San Pedro, with 8 goals scored in the worst attack, but the 2nd best defense with 9 goals conceded Sese. On the face of it, ASEC Mimosas leaves with the favor of the prognosticators, but it will have to confirm this on the ground. She can afford it. If coach Julien CHEVALIER‘s players are on a good day, they can get a great win and start the new year 2020.