Last national cup Finals/ASEC Mimosas – FC San Pedro: 0 – 2 :

The ASEC gives back to the Cup

Beaten (0 – 2) by FC San Pedro this afternoon at the Treichville Sports Park, ASEC Mimosas stopped his national Cup race at the final last stage and now has only the League 1 to achieve a season-ending in beauty.


Under the unusual lawn of the sports Park of Treichville and with a revamped team to leave incumbents at rest, the ASEC Mimosas timidly begins his match, looking for his landmarks. FC San Pedro takes advantage of this and gets the first opportunity of the game, in the 16th mn. Pierre Stéphane overflows to the side and sets up a centre for the head at point-blank range of tra. MANDJUI Boris, the goalkeeper Mimosas is put in trouble, but manages to rule out the danger, at the cost of a beautiful reflex parade. This opportunity has the benefit of ringing the alert on the side of the team yellow and black. The Mimos then take control of the ball with a more elaborate game, but accompanied by a certain nonchalantness on the edge of the repair surface. This first period is very contested and balanced, but poor in goal opportunities and ends logically on the score null and blank.


The Mimos come back from the break with a change in their ranks. Ouattara has replaced POGNONGO Yannick. They are facing a folded team of FC San Pedro, with counterattacks. Against the course of the game and on a corner played in the Remonth, FC San Pedro opens the score by Ouattara Ousmane, which unstoppably recovers from the flat of the right foot the centre of Pierre Stéphane (0 – 1; 52nd Mn). LED and forced to make the game, the ASEC Mimosas tries everything for the whole with the successive entries of Ta bi Willy Braciano and of the Don Fabius. We then change strategy and now evolve into 4-3-3 instead of 3 – 5 – 2. The mimosas pressure is strong on the highways that resist well and find a second time the way of the goal. Practically in the same conditions as in its first goal and on another corner played directly. Ouattara Adama, lonely at the second post puts his head on the center of Roger Ben Boris to sign his double and that of his team (0 – 2; 74th Mn). With this comfortable advantage, FC San Pedro Brinde its fortress. Despite his relentlessly a golden opportunity in the feet of his attacker sow Gaoussou, the ASEC Mimosas fails to miss and therefore bows on the score of 2 goal to 0. A defeat that removes it from the National cup. The Mimos must now devote themselves to the League 1 and take up the challenge of the 25th day against the WAC, this Saturday, June 17, from 6 pm, at the stage of the peace of Bouaké to snatch the title of champion of Ivory Coast.