15th Youth League Day U20/Yopougon FC – ASEC Mimosas: 1 – 7 :

Yopougon FC drinks the chalice to the dregs

The ASEC Mimosas has étrillé Yopougon FC on the uncalled score of 7 goals at 1, in the morning of this Sunday, at the Stade Robert Champroux, during the 15th day of the Young U20 League. A victory that confirms the great domination mimosas in the hen A.


The Mimos do the same for the whole first part of the game and open the mark from the first minute of play on a perfect center of FAITTEY Junior son victoriously taken from the head by Ollo Ivan (0 – 1; 1st mn). With a possession of ball without sharing, the ASEC Mimosas concretizes a new action ten minutes later. FAITTEY son, the decisive passer on the first goal, returns to the charge, this time, to serve Tam Abdul, who, with a crossed head, scored the second goal (0 – 2; 11th min.). The yellow and black do not let go and push their opponents to the fault. On an attack placed, the attempt to withdraw from lean guy Aimé is stopped by hand, in the area of repair by a defender of Yopougon FC. The ensuing penalty is transformed by Tam Abdul, who thus signs his double and the third goal of his team (0 – 3; 27th mn). Completely drowned in the match, Yopougon FC concedes a fourth goal on a beautiful ensemble action concluded by a wonderful pass of lean guy Aimé for Voli Bi Abdoul who beats the goalkeeper of Yopougon FC with a perfect LOB (0 – 4; 30th mn). Largely dominated, Yopougon FC manages to get an opportunity in the last few minutes of the first period. But the striking of Diarra Noumoufa is diverted from a tap by Konan Florentine, the goalkeeper Mimosas.


In the second period, the ASEC Mimosas proceeded with changes with the successive entries of Bamba Mohamed and rented Bayéré. Yopougon FC resists a little better until the 64th MN. Voli bi Abdoul, the passer and the scorer on the fourth goal changes roles for the same result and to make the addition. At 5 goal 0, the Mimos let go and concede a penalty to Yopougon FC. Diarra Noumoufa is not praying to reduce the score (1 – 5; 73rd Mn). This goal revolts the Mimos who totally take matters into their own hands. At the 79th Mn, Ollo Ivan made a ball ride from his camp and placed on a gold platter his teammate Voli Bi Abdoul who also signed his double in the match, for the sixth goal Mimosas (1 – 6; 79 mn). Insatiable, the yellow and black come to the charge at the 81st MN and get a penalty after a foul on Ollo Ivan in the repair area. YOHORE Christ is in charge of the execution to bring the score to 7 goal to 1. Despite new mimosas opportunities, the score remains unchanged and thus confirms the wide dominance of the ASEC Mimosas, which remains undefeated with 13 wins and 2 draws. The numbers that will try to challenge Shadrach FC, his opponent from the 16th day, next weekend.


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