24th League Day 1/Abidjan Stadium-ASEC Mimosas :

Winning to stay in the lead

Under the increasing threat of the WAC, ASEC Mimosas will face the Stade de Abidjan on Saturday, June 3, starting at 18:00, at the Robert Champroux Stadium, in a shock that it must absolutely win, at the risk of losing its leadership position.


The ASEC Mimosas (1st; 42 points) fried its jokers and almost no longer has the right to error after the white Nul conceded to the SOA on the 23rd day of the last Sunday. With a small step ahead of the WAC (2e; 41 points), the pressure becomes strong on the yellow and black side. The struggle at the top is more than ever revived. The 24th day could be a decisive turning point in the remote struggle between the ASEC Mimosas, the WAC, but also the as Tanda (3rd; 37 points) which has not yet said its last.


If the ace Tanda goes largely with the favor of the prognosis against the ASI of Abengourou, it will be a little more difficult for the WAC who receives the Africa Sports (4th; 33 points) and for the ASEC Mimosas, which is to be unstitched with the Abidjan Stadium (9th; 29 points).


Beaten (0 – 2), by the WAC, on the previous day, the team of the Abidjan stadium that displays results in saw teeth has still not given up its ambition to be African, next season. « We will get back to work in order to rectify the shooting, at our next meeting, » said the coach of the stadium in Abidjan, in the event of a defeat against the WAC.


The ASEC Mimosas has an obligation to win on this team which held it in check (0 – 0), during the match-up for the 11th day and which also eliminated (2 – 1), in the quarterfinals of the League Cup. Aristide Bance and his teammates decided to wet the jersey to take it to the stadium of Abidjan before making the difference against the WAC during the day after.


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