U20 Youth League (13th day) – EFYM/ASEC Mimosas: 3 – 6 :

Large Mimos win

The young people of the ASEC Mimosas did not do in the lace by beating widely (3-6) those of the EFYM, as part of the 13th day of the Young U20 League, last Saturday, in the morning, at the stadium Robert Champroux of Marcory.


In this game they could have won more largely without a goal, the young people of the ASEC Mimosas had a behaviour in saw teeth. They started the beating drum part by opening the mark from the initial minute thanks to their formidable scorer Tam Abdul (0-1; 1 ‘). Then, without knowing too much for what reason, they released the pressure on their opponents of the EFYM who gradually regained confidence. The match is balanced. The EFYM ends up getting equalization towards the end of the first half. Striker Abdul Ahmed Ayouba, a very stirring one, ended up restoring parity to the score within minutes of the break (1-1; 40 ‘). But the ASEC Mimosas, as the undisputed leader of the competition and well decided to be respected, reacts by pride and regains the advantage following a fine goal of renting Bayéré (1-2; 45 ‘). Half-time is on this score.


Dominant Mimos with a prolific attack


At the takeover, the young Mimosas led by coach Derick Felix fully regain control of the game by outrageously dominating their opponents. The ASEC Mimosas Corsica the addition when GUILAHOU Yvan finds the path of the nets of the EFYM 12 minutes only after the break (1-3; 57 ‘). Then, one minute after this realization, it was Tam Abdul, in the fiery wisp, which marks his second goal (1-4; 58 ‘). The mimosas do not loosen the vise. They continue to press, harass the defense of the EFYM that creaks again when Tam Abdul in real Fox repair surfaces succeeds the hat-trick by scoring his third goal (1-5; 66 ‘). Then, it is finally the attacker YOHORE Christ who will close the festival offensive mimosas by scoring the 6th goal of his team (1-6; 76 ‘).


A release that cost two goals


While it was expected to see the foals of coach Derick Felix maintain pressure and score other goals, they lift the foot against any expectation. They circulate well the ball, but several times, Tam Abdul lacks realism in front of the wide open goals of the EFYM. The midfield of the ASEC Mimosas becomes also less compact and less aggressive in the recovery of the bales. The ecoliers take advantage of this to carry out several raids in the camp of Mimosas. And twice, the ecoliers are rewarded for their efforts when Blahi Jean (81 ‘), then Kay (86 ‘) will reduce the mark for the EFYM which returns to 3 goals at 6 to 4 minutes from the end. The score will no longer evolve until the final whistle blows.


K. I