The past week ends with an unusual record of two defeats. The first, suffered in the national championship, in the face of the FC SAN PEDRO, had already to raise certain issues. The second, imposed by the stadium in Abidjan, in the League Cup, confirmed the doubts of the moment. After intense reflections, we can note that this week to forget very quickly, helped identify the opponents against ASEC Mimosas will be fighting to win a new title of champion of Côte d'Ivoire. Who is he?


In the hierarchy of the opponents of ASEC Mimosas, found atop a well-known actor since it comes from… the ASEC Mimosas. I'm already guessing your astonishment or even your incomprehension in front of that statement. Yet, it is easy to demonstrate. To be champions this season, we must be regularity in performance, consistency in effort, serious in the preparation of the games. Taken together, all these provisions are likely to attract success without which there is no champion. Well look, it is easy to see that ASEC Mimosas is conducive to meeting all essential assets in the quest for the title of champion of Côte d'Ivoire club which offers the framework and organization. In addition to the men of talent and experience that could give life to his dreams of victories has ASEC Mimosas. We therefore wish ASEC Mimosas on the one hand fully aware of his qualities and the other anime of the will to show in the last six games of the national championship. If he succeeds the ASEC Mimosas will have been primarily responsible for the return of his athletic greatness. Failing that, it is will be scuttled and cannot shift the blame to the other two categories below presented opponents.

The other two opponents identified are the other clubs, which is normal, but also more curiously, the general environment. For other clubs playing in the Ligue 1 Championship, it is not necessary to spread too. We know that they dream all toppling ASEC Mimosas, this African giant who steals them the show with his loyal following, its complex of Sol Beni, his many sponsors and its international recognition. ASEC Mimosas mind and each League 1 match is a final of Champions League for clubs that meet the Mimos. They give their all against ASEC Mimosas and discover talent, vice and courage that often disappear at the end of the match. This is so, and we will not complain. However, it must be aware and take all the matches with the determination of those who know they are expected.

The last opponent about which I will say a few words has no name or face. We call it the environment. It is not easy to defeat since it can take various forms. Shareholders tend to see it in the guise of the arbiters of our national championship. Has not yet identified it, but it is clear that there is a strange climate in which floats a light scent of hostility. That's what shareholders believed to collect in the last games in Ligue 1. I think he should remind them of these ghost stories that have punctuated our childhoods. No one saw them, but everyone was afraid. This fear has faded for many of us to adulthood. ASEC Mimosas is an adult CLUB that should not be afraid of the ghost of the environment. For the next matches, I invites us to think like Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, which "will do well, it is being able to build a solid base with the stones others throw away us".



By Léonce YACÉ, Deputy President of ASEC Mimosas. N ° 1325 of ASEC Mimosas Magazine snippet.