ASEC Mimosas were the lawns of Ligue 1 on Monday in the face of SOA, for an unbalanced but priori opposition that ultimately proved very contested over the green rectangle. Mimos is intended to bring the military footballers. After 90 minutes, theyhad to bring herself to see a short and bitter defeat. This unexpected result is indicative of a curious habit, or even a kind of know-how, now too frequent to deserve the silence.
Since the start of the national championship, the players came from Sol Beni alternate good and less good. They do not need to link performance to increase the gap and behind their opponents. By focusing on the results of the ten games played in Ligue 1, one realizes that this impression is confirmed in the figures. The ASEC has thefollowing record: five wins, three draws and two defeats. This table reveals a lack ofregularity since the yellow and black team could never string together a streak of two games. The victories are immediately followed a draw or a defeat. It’s a pace inconsistent with the ambitions of the ASEC.
This must be established, shared and commented on. The recognition is already start looking for the necessary solutions to its resolution. It is more desirable to question now on the root causes of this route in saw teeth, which presents many similaritieswith the path in recent seasons.
Beyond the misunderstandings that may result, we must have the lucidity to recognize that we are collectively responsible. This assertion will probably surprise you, butI deeply believe that the annoyances we face are not just players and coaches. It is acombination of several elements that affect all layers of the club, supporters to the leaders, through supervisors and their protégés, visible players in a scenario that wewrite together.
Shareholders are known to claim the best of their players every game. They are demanding loyalty, which can sometimes be accompanied by a lack of objectivity and impatience, indicative of an overwhelming passion. These characteristics, which is very present in period of underachievement, are originally from the fear of doing wrong, cause athletic paralysis players.
Leaders have a vital role. They are also fans, but the status of leaders requires themto dominate the discontent. It is easy to understand that a coach, when he does notfeel confidence in its leaders and think play his head to every game, is exposed to errors in judgment of the situations and the management of his group. The responsibility of leaders is great. They are at the head of an institution observed, monitored, lustre. Trust and peace can reign in the club only if they inspire themselves confidenceand serenity through their actions and their words. They must remember before, during, and after the next sixteen League games.
Sports players, coaches and players, have a common destiny, I already said. The firstare responsible for driving the sports group. They must build the success on the basis of past successes in holding what has worked to give the Group of certainties in the game and in the animation of the team. Can’t find a game identity constantly alternating tactical systems. At this stage of the season, we need to have assurances technical, tactical and human. This requires a rational management of the workforce and a permanent questioning, wages of healthy competition.
As for the players, they definitely need to measure the chance they have of playing for ASEC Mimosas. They must give everything on the field, do not regret outside theground. Their success will depend on work only by labour.
We can be disappointed after this misstep in the SOA, but time is not discouraged. The road that leads to the title of champion of Côte d’Ivoire is still long. For the restof the course, in remembering Jean Mermoz, we must have in mind that « it is well supported chess which give the right to succeed ».
By Léonce YACÉ, President-delegate of the ASEC Mimosas
Excerpt from the Mimosas Magazine N ° 1314 February 23, 2017