The Gabon 2017 CAN enters its decisive phase. The top four teams of the tournament will fight the trophy and lots of consolation. ASEC Mimosas, we follow especially the course of the team of Burkina and its three stallions-Mimos. The results of this team are carriers of some lessons that we all pay real attention. They will us be useful indeed for the continuation of our work of construction.

The first lesson is about the presence in the Ivorian team of stallions of a trio of players playing in Ligue 1. Koffi, Bance and Koanda aren't extras. They take an active part in the success of their national selection. Their success speaks to us. It highlights the good level of our national championship. This success flies in the face of the arguments of the specialists who consider that the CAN cannot afford to selections composed of players playing in Europe. Before the stallions, the Zambians of Fox had already demonstrated us that the key to success lay not in the identity of employers, footballers, but rather in the heart the desire, the passion they put in the spot that is theirs. This reminder should lead us to look differently at the game and the players in our League.

In each of his outings, Koffi Hervé is welcomed by all and everywhere for talent. Coming in Côte d'Ivoire has been for him an excellent initiative. ASEC Mimosas, it benefits from the advice of experienced framers. It is no coincidence if it is presented now as a great hope for African football. His presence in the goals of standards highlights the quality of training and support provided to Sol Beni. In looking Hervé in the CAN, we can easily imagine ballet to agents and other detectors talent plying the African continent on behalf of European clubs. Legitimate interest in the guardian stallions and the Mimos will be surely the subject of discussions in the coming months. We will have time to come back. In the meantime, it is only hoped to Hervé well finished his first CAN in order to know the flavors of a triumphant return to the country.

Aristide Bancé is the other satisfaction of ASEC Mimosas on the side of the stallions. Its atypical is struck with the seal of the talent, courage and humility. Humility is the quality that gives meaning to return to Côte d'Ivoire of the child of Williamsville. He came to the ASEC to recover and give all chances to be in the CAN. Obviously he has succeeded. His decision should serve as an example to all those players left to try their luck elsewhere and who encounter difficulties overseas. The visibility offered to Ivorian League 1 by Canal Plus is enough to get noticed and be retained in the national selections. For the most talented, ASEC Mimosas, with Sol Beni, offers an ideal setting for the profession as a professional footballer. It should take example on Bance and don't be afraid to initiate the process of return to the country. For those that do, it will certainly be a happy return to the country. It is besides what have not hesitated to make the defenders of the ASEC Mimosas 'n' gouan and Baresi, that also include as an example.

Away from the CAN, in Ouaga, professional team of ASEC Mimosas concludes its training camp. Mimos conducted friendly compelling benefits during their three spacewalks. They did a lot of confidence. Forward them for the resumption of serious things in Ligue 1 Ivorian and soon in the Confederation Cup. With this internship, the team has appropriated the proverb of the Foreign Legion: 'hard training, easy war. ' Now, we can wish them a happy return to the country.

By Léonce YACÉ, President-delegate of the ASEC Mimosas
Excerpt from the Mimosas Magazine N ° 1311 of February 3, 2017