ASEC Mimosas is in Ouagadougou. It is not, this time, to travel to an African Cup match. This is a trip made to continue the preparation, in the quiet, in the sports center of the stallions (COMET) in Burkina Faso. 

With this trip to the country of the men integrated, our team care usefully the international break. This course allows the staff and players to break the routine of Sol Beni sessions without official matches on the horizon. We can easily imagine that this ten day stay abroad will give the opportunity to the framers to rediscover their workforce to assess differently the players seeing them evolve in a new framework. For players, this blocked internship is ideal to confirm the affinity and erase the small misunderstandings that never fail to shake the lives of a group.

Certainly since Ouaga, ASEC Mimosas delegation has followed with attention the Africa Cup of Nations matches. The players have to realize that in order to evolve in the top level, talent alone is not enough. There are still acquire a tactical discipline and mental and collective force to make efforts together to harmonize the progress of the group, to act as cohesive and voluntary team. Are these virtues collective, essential to achieve the performance, our team went to get in the field of standards. She will also learn humility who is the companion of every moment of the champion in the making. 

By visiting him COMET, the framers Mimos will certainly ideas to be reported for the project Gboro Gbata. They can enrich it findings during their stay, in order to contribute to the achievement of a functional and operational Center, a center of quality at the service of the ambitions of ASEC Mimosas. It's an aspect of this mission which will not fail to interest the Mimos leaders in trade they will have with the staff at the return of Ouaga.

Mimos leaders have not made the trip of Ouaga. They are represented with the team by Ibrahim CONGO, Member of the Board of Directors, who resides in Ouaga. This has been the linchpin of this trip. He deserves the strongest thanks to our family. This attitude of Mimos leaders confirms that to ASEC Mimosas, responsibilities are shared and that the coaches confidence is real.

Of Ouaga in Washington, there are a few thousand kilometers. The news marked by the taking office of the new American President gave me the idea to illustrate the governance of ASEC Mimosas reminding Théodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States of America, who said: "the best manager is one who knows to find the talents to do things, and who can also curb its desire to interfere while they make them".

Our talents are to Ouaga to work, and we intend to let them do it in peace. We have a wish to send them: good stay in the land of the men integrated!

By Léonce YACÉ (President-delegate of the ASEC Mimosas)

Excerpt from the Mimosas magazine No. 1310 of the 27/01/2016