Close-up: GLOUDOUEU Angel Baresi :

The class and experience

Close-up: GLOUDOUEU Angel Baresi (central defender)

The class and experience

Thirty years and charismatic leader of the team recomposed of ASEC Mimosas, GLOUDOUEU Angel Baresi is, today, a centerpiece of the group. Portrait of a model player who combines so well the class experience.

« Baresi is a valuable part of our defensive system. He has a very good mind. He is so diligent and serious on the ground as outside that he remains an example for his teammates. » It is the view of the head coach of ASEC Mimosas, Siaka TRAORE said Gigi on his central defender GLOUDOUEU Angel Baresi. The captain KOUTOUAN Akassou recognizes the valuable contributions of GLOUDOUEU Angel. « It helps me a lot in my mission. Given his age and his experience, everybody listens to him and he is involved with me to enforce the discipline of group and the instructions of the coach at matches, »says.

The class…

Ange Baresi is a talented defender who combines great elegance and efficiency. Watching him play is a pleasure for the football purists. The mimosas fans are happy to have, this season, with them. His coach Gigi do not think otherwise. « At every exit, GLOUDOUEU displays a great tactical intelligence in his ability to anticipate the opposing actions. He is improving in its aggressiveness on bales and in his head. It is also unbeatable in duels on the ground. Angel is really an excellent defender, whose arrival felt us good, »he says. Think the person of all this praise? « Moving to ASEC Mimosas is a good challenge for me insofar as it is a great sports institution of the continent that participates, each season, in a CAF interclub competition. If the coach, executives and shareholders enjoy my benefits, it delights me and encourages me to give the best of myself, every game,« says GLOUDOUEU Angel.

… Experience and the soul of a leader

Ange Baresi is an experienced player who evolved first in League 1 Ivorian, in the Youth Club of Abidjan Treichville, in the Tanda; then in the Championship of D1 of Guinea where he carried the colors the Horoya AC of Conakry during two seasons. « I learned many things. I have improved a lot in the game. « I try to make the most of my experience to constantly meet the expectations of all, » said Ange Baresi. And he continues: « I help the captain KOUTOUAN in the management of the group. We talk a lot to our teammates before the matches, but also during periods of oxygenation. We are also fortunate to have a player like Aristide BANCE. He has charisma. Everybody respects. He contributes a lot to put the best possible atmosphere within the team. And it is this good atmosphere as well as the sum of our talents that make our strength. Through all this, we have set two goals: reclaim the title of champion of Côte d’Ivoire and access the Confederation Cup group stage. We are working on this. « 

« I want the challenge of ASEC Mimosas« 

« I want to raise me, the challenge of ASEC Mimosas, winning titles and to please shareholders. All this is in our opportunities because we have a group of quality and we were lucky also to have made an excellent preparation. This preparation enabled us to manage the difficult matches that have successively opposed us to Séwé Sport, SC Gagnoa, the Tanda, then the CF San Pedro. We have to negotiate next encounters the AFAD and Africa Sports. Complete the phase go in Ligue 1 in the ranking depends on our solidarity on field and off, seriously we will every practice and our will to refuse defeat all our releases official. I ask the shareholders to visit very many stages to motivate us to fight to win all our matches and make them happy, »concludes GLOUDOUEU Angel Baresi.


First name: Ange Baresi

DATE of birth: December 20, 1986

WEIGHT: 78 kg

SIZE: 1.80 m

POSITION: Central defender

FAVOURITE foot: right handed

PREVIOUS CLUBS: JCAT, AS Tanda, then Horoya AC of Guinea