9th day of League 1 / Africa Sport - ASEC Mimosas: 0-1 :

The Mimosas were stronger


First derby Africa Sports – ASEC Mimosas of the season and the year 2017 held all its promises before knowing its outcome at the end of part, on a penalty kick converted by DEPODE Jacob, who gives victory (0-1) to ASEC Mimosas, on behalf of the 9th day of the Ligue 1.


The victory took time to take shape, even if this match started with good intentions on both sides. It is initially ASEC Mimosas which opens hostilities, at the 4th minute by a strike from Yannick POGNONGO, received a bullet in the back of the opposing defense. The Green and Red response intervenes in the next minute, on a loss of ball followed mimosas dune counterattack. Here also, the striking of GONAZO’s Thomas is not framed. The game launched, we are witnessing a game « attack-defense.  ASEC Mimosas is most active with opportunities that are linked together. The 8th minutes, Issouf OUATTARA got rid of two defenders, but his shot to conclude is too soft to worry OGODJO Drissa, the goalkeeper of Africa Sports. A few minutes later, MPUMBU Katalay sideways sends a nice Center back of the head by POGNONGO that still is inconsistent. The game is harsh and intense with a net dominance yellow and black. But Africa Sports manages to create his opportunity in the 19th minute, after a rate of ASEC Mimosas. GONAZO’s Thomas, running, fires a powerful shot that does not surprise MANDJUI Boris, goalkeeper ASEC Mimosas coming out a beautiful parade to catch the ball. The game is nice with many occasions of goal. It lacks more than goals that will not intervene in this first period of play.


At the back of the locker room, ASEC Mimosas starts the game drum beating. Already in the 47th minute, she gets a clear opportunity on a great pass from Yannick POGNONGO, for NOUGBELE Christian who will run out of defence oye. ASEC Mimosas show much more entrepreneurial, but Africa Sports abdicates always not. The tension mounts and the game gains in intensity. At the 58th minute and back-to-back Katalay MPUMBU and Issouf OUATTARA fail in front of the goalkeeper while the post was virtually wide open. Mimos yet not discouraged and continue to push until the 81st minute. Schroeder Thomas, entered instead of POGNONGO plays the a two with Issouf OUATTARA. The latter is shot in the penalty area. Without hesitation, the central referee indicates the the penalty spot. The turning point of the match that will not miss DEPODE Jacob, also entered instead NOUGBELE Christian. The transformation is perfect and opposite to the opening of the score (0-1), for the benefit of ASEC Mimosas.  Despite attempts to burst of last minute, Africa Sports will not return to the score. ASEC Mimosas won with the way the first derby and resumes temporarily the head of the standings pending the other this 9th day of Ligue 1 matches.