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The look of a specialist: Baky KONE judges the offensive division of the Mimosas

"The ASEC Mimosas offensive line is coherent"

Thursday 17 Nov 2016 - 12H06 - Consulté 4185 fois

 "SOW Gaoussou Nillmar is the former offensive line of the team. He is generous in the effort and wants to do well, even if he gets confused in his gestures. He needs time to progress and gain confidence. He has to work harder to exploit his great talent. As for recruits, I will start with BANCE Aristide. He is a support player who can keep the ball to allow the team to go up. He is powerful and strong physically. He knows how to play with his body to protect his balls, he knows how to call bullets in depth. With his large size, he is good in aerial play. Aristide is a complete striker. POGNONGO Yannick, the former striker of AS Sonabel of Burkina Faso, is still quite shy despite his enormous potential. He has to free himself to flourish at ASEC Mimosas. He is generous in effort and plays a lot in deviation.
DEPODE Ezekiel Jacob has a good technical background. He must work seriously to improve. He is not really an attacker, but rather a ten or nine and a half. He plays behind the attacker or around him. He is good in the last passes. He must progress physically and tactically. Finally, GUEHI Guy Désiré is also very, very generous in the effort. He knows how to make his opponents commit faults. It is an attacker who knows how to keep the ball and has a great thirst for goal. This is a great quality for an attacker.
Basically, the offensive division of ASEC Mimosas is coherent, that is to say it is composed of players with different qualities, but complementary to well animate the attacking game of the team. If complicity sets in, this offensive division will hurt the opposing teams. "
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Excerpt from Mimosas Magazine N ° 1299 from Thursday to November 2016


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