Recruit and train the best young Ivorian players to win titles and get them to the high-level.

The MimoSifcom Academy is the training centre of ASEC Mimosas. Our ambition is to recruit and train players capable of responding to the technical, tactical and athletic but also mental requirements of high level. 17/18 Years best young must be able to integrate the professional group. Good performance in team Professional on the plan national and continental must offer them, then, the opportunity to highlight the quality of our training and enable the best of them to make a career in the high-level, as their illustrious elders.


To do this, we seek to recruit the best young players Ivorian, a potential and an interesting profile to improve their qualifications. We propose, then our players an intensive sports training oriented towards the development of all the essential qualities of a high-level player. Our players are framed, accompanied (medical care, fed, and housed for the younger), and school within the complex Sportif de Sol Beni. The best young players in Côte d’Ivoire must pass in the future, again, by the first Academy and ASEC MIMOSAS.


For more than 20 years, ASEC Mimosas gave the opportunity to hundreds of young people to benefit from a high level training to become a professional footballer in his training center, the first Academy.
ASEC Mimosas made the free choice to facilitate access for the greatest number to this elite training center, providing not only the sports training, but also an education.
In the face of the upsurge of attempts of fraud on the part of malicious people, ASEC Mimosas reminds all that participation in the recruitment and integration tests and training at the Academy are completely free.
The criteria for selection being mainly sport, no person is entitled to claim a any sum of money to the parents or young people who want to integrate the Academy.
Persons engaged in these practices are exposed to lawsuits.
If you are approached for a proposal to facilitate access to the Academy, on payment of a sum of money, we invite you to report by providing us with the names and contacts of the seller by phone (20 21 39 01) or by e-mail (
For ASEC Mimosas and  Academy MimoSifcom