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After three matches at the tournament of the lagoons, the ASEC Mimosas U17 record a victory (2-1) against Leader Football Academy, a draw (11) against Fola FC and lost (10) face the WAFA of Ghana. The Mimosas cross in the semi-finals Right To Dream, this Friday, November 04, from 16:00.
Thursday, November 3, 2016
WAFA ASEC Mimosas (0-1)
For the last game of hens, ASEC Mimosas (4 points) was opposed to the WAFA of Ghana (3 points). Both teams have delivered a beautiful match that ended in a narrowdefeat of youth Mimos (0-1). The positive point of this game, it is that after two difficult games, the yellow and black dominated this poster expected the chicken and have created several NET chances to goal. Before, unfortunately of getting caught onthe only shot of the opponent, the 30 m (0-1).
WAFA Ghanaians finished first in pool B with 9 points (following their victory over green carpet against football Leader who played a suspended player), followed by the Academy which has 4 points.
In the semi-finals, the yellow and black will clash, that day, with the Right To Dream,another Ghanaian team engaged in this tournament.
The foals of Julien Knight, count this step. However, they should be able to reproduce the same benefit by being more realistic in front of goal to get their ticket to the final.
Tuesday, November 1, 2016
ASEC Mimosas Fola FC (1-1)
During its second release, the ASEC Mimosas U17 team, conceded the draw (1-1) against FC Fola. The foals of Julien CHEVALIER had yet well into the encounter with the opening of the score, which came on a beautiful lob DIARRASSOUBA Salifou (17′). After that goal, academics have lost their concentration and ended up getting in trouble. This loosening of the young mimosas allowed players of FC Fola to regain confidence. These have put pressure on the defense yellow and black, multiplying the more dangerous offensive. This dominance of FC Fola has naturally resulted in the tying goal in middle of the game scored by SIDIBE Amara (40′).
Monday, October 31, 2016
ASEC Mimosas Leader Football Academy (2-1)
Mimosas have managed their start to the tournament by signing a probative victoryon the score of 2 goals to 1 against Leader Football Academy. They showed character by successfully return to the score after having been led to the score in that game. The young mimosas have found the resources to even before taking the advantage.

The program of the semi-finals:
Friday, November 04, 2016
14 h 00: Ivory Academy FC (CIV) WAFA (Ghana)
16 h 00: ASEC Mimosas (CIV) Right To Dream (Ghana)
News U-17


ASEC Mimosas, represented by the MimoSifcom Academy U17 will participate in the2nd edition of the tournament of the Talents of lagoons, organised by ivory Academy. Housed in pool B, the foals of Julien CHEVALIER will face Leader Football Academy and Fola FC of Côte d’Ivoire, as well as WAFA of Ghana. This international tournament,placed under the sign of fair play, of friendliness and brotherhood, will bring together youth teams who usually attend the TIDA, which will not take place this year. Participating teams, the number of 8, including 2 came from Ghana, played parts of two 30-minute. Unlike the TIDA, reserved for the U18 tournament of lagoons is intended for the U17. This young talent, will be held on Monday, 31 October, in the Sunday, November 6, at the complex sport of ivory Academy, Songon.
According to Julien CHEVALIER, the head of the formation of the first Academy, thetournament of lagoons is an opportunity to provide youth from ASEC Mimosas to good oppositions training center. They will be in competition, what they don’t knowyet. For the framer of youth from ASEC Mimosas, the goal of his group is to do wellin this tournament, as he has become accustomed in recent years.
The tournament will be a good test for the U17 of ASEC Mimosas, which will begin to cultivate the spirit of competition at a certain level because they will play against Ivorian and Ghanaian training. The most important for the young mimosas will be tohighlight their qualities to succeed an honorable participation in the first tournament of the lagoons. Whether they are winning or not, participate in this kind of tournament will bring them something and as well as their technical coaches.
Composition of the pools of the tournament of the lagoons
Pool A
Academy (CIV) Ivory
Right To Dream (Ghana)
Volcano FC (CIV)
Pool B
ASEC Mimosas (CIV)
Leader Football Academy (CIV)
Fola FC (CIV)
WAFA (Ghana)
The program of the games of ASEC Mimosas
Monday, October 31, at 14:30
ASEC Mimosas LFA
Tuesday, November 1, at 16:00
ASEC Mimosas FC Fola
Thursday, November 3, at 14:30
Friday, November 4, 2016
8 h 30: 5th place
10 h 00: 6th place
14 h 30: 1st semi-final
4 pm: 2nd semi-final
Sunday, November 6
14 h 30: 3rd place
4 pm: final