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KOUASSI Zahui Alain Boris is the second recruit of ASEC Mimosas, during this transfer window after POE Jean Morel. Lent by the sports of the Bafing (D3) agreement, he has already played his first game under the yellow and black colours, on Sunday last, then meeting Brazillian FC ASEC Mimosas, cash for the 15th day in Ligue 1. “Here is the presentation of the player that we made new coach TRAORE Siaka said” Gigi. “
“KOUASSI Zahui Alain Boris is a young player we sought during this transfer window, due to some intrinsic qualities we found in him. He is athletic and has goodtechnique. He knows also to move lively despite its large size, and he has a good head game. It should form a nice pair with Aristide BANCE on the front of the attack. Ithas a beautiful room for improvement that could lift him amongst the best strikers in the country. But now, to much work to match the physical group level because the pace of the League 1 is more higher than that of the 3rd division. “In addition, ASEC Mimosas pressure is not similar to the sports of the Bafing agreement, said saidSiaka TRAORE ‘Gigi’, head coach of ASEC Mimosas.
First name: Zahui Alain Boris
Date and place of birth: 23/01/1999, to Man
Size: 1 m 88
Weight: 77kg
Position: striker
Jersey: N ° 5



Séwé Sport (10) winner, tonight, at the Robert CHAMPROUX Stadium, during the shockat the top of the 17th day of League 1, ASEC Mimosas will have made a giant steptowards the title of champion of the 2017 season.

In this game, considered one of the great turning points of Ligue 1, ASEC Mimosas did not take time to put themselves in the best conditions. In the 4th minute and virtually his entirefirst offensive, the Mimos opened the scoring. Mpumbu KATALAY intercepts a ball and serves as Aristide BANCE in the deep. The offset is then done to ANGBANDJI Alex on the right side of the attack. The withdrawal of the latter is received on the other side by POEJean Morel who, in turn, sends a Center in the small rectangle of the penalty area. Initially,but also to the conclusion, Mpumbu KATALAY popped up to beat the goalkeeper of Séwé Sport. He takes the ball to score (10). ASEC Mimosas is a beautiful start to the match. We will then attend a meeting very balanced with many offensive actions. Séwé Sport grows tocatch, but constantly stumbles on the beautiful organization defensive mimosas. In thefinal moments of the first part and so far little solicited, KOFFI KouakouHervé will saveASEC Mimosas, twice. First, on a nice tap to push the resumption of the head of ANOUMOU Franck (44′) and then another head of KODJO Cedric (45′). But it’s the ASECMimosas, which was the last opportunity of purpose of this first period. On a placed attack,Aristide BANCE is well served at the entrance of the penaltyarea. He got rid of hiscounterpart and sends a shot framed, on which the goalkeeper KOUADIO Serginho unfoldswell to change the trajectory of the ball. We reachedthe recreation score 1 goal 0 to the advantage of the yellow and black.

Resumption, the game is a little more racing. We will give blow for blow. The ball is from acamp to another, without respite. KOFFI Hervé is determinative, in the 49th minute, on apowerful shot to KODJO Cédric mi-volee. The goalkeeper comes out a great parade todivert the ball in the framework of the goals. At the 60th minute, ASEC Mimosas is all aboutthe 2nd goal on a counterattack. Aristide BANCE seeps into the surface opposing repair, but lack of lucidity during his strike that largely goes over the crossbar. Although thatsomewhat dominated, ASEC Mimosas manages well the second period, but she gets coldsweats, in extra time, on a heavy strike from 30metres of YEOULE Alexander. Fortunately,KOFFI Kouakou Hervé is vigilant and on the path. ASEC Mimosas WINS (10). A very valuable victory which allows to relegate Séwé Sport at 7 points and to be in good spirits before making the trip to Gabon, in the course of the week, where she will face the Mounana CF, on behalf of the game go the second 16es final of the Confederation Cup.




Against Shadrach FC, Saturday morning, at the Robert CHAMPROUX Stadium, ASEC Mimosas proved prolific, with (2-6), at the meeting of the 7th day of League youth U20.

In the absence of his top scorer TAPSOBA Abdoul, ASEC Mimosas made a difficult start, but gets the first chance to goal in the 12th minute. YOHORE Christ overflows on the right side and managed to recover the ball for the head of VOLI BI Abdoul (repositioned in the axis of the attack) which is unfortunately pushed back on the goal line by a defender of Shadrach cf. The game is fun, but lack of real action of goal until the 24th minute. Shadrach CF Gets an opportunity to aim at the feet of striker Willy Franck, but the attempt to lob goes far above the goals. The revival of BAMBA Aboubakar, the goalkeeper of ASEC Mimosas for ADIRAN N‘ Goran, midfield is very fast.

The latter puts the ball in the race of YOHORE Christ. The mimosas striker takes hisopponent speed, but is shot in the penalty area. It’s the undisputed penalty. DIARRASSOUBA Salifou is responsible for execution and takes against the goalkeeper to open the scoring (01, 25 min). ASEC Mimosas dominates his opponent and returned to the charge in the 39th minute. YOHORE Christ is the conclusion of an action of LASME Guy Aimé. The goal is unfortunately disallowed for a questionable offside position. Mimos resume their March forward and get a new opportunity before the endof the first part. YOHORE Christ, elusive, still started his race by ADIRAN N’Goran. Itcomes in the face of the goalkeeper and opens his flat left foot well to score the second goal of ASEC Mimosas (02, 42nd min). We find the locker room on this score 2goals to 0, to the advantage of ASEC Mimosas.

From the start of the second period, the yellow and black make up laundry in the opposing camp. Only three minutes later, YOHORE Christ stood out to right. It overflows and puts the ball on the sidelines for VOLI BI Abdoul which marks. Here again, the arbitrator signals a game outside. Practically in the minute following the Mimos represent themselves in the penalty area. The ball is put in the back of the defense in the feet of LASME Guy who does a check of the left and instantly resumes the right to beat the hapless goalkeeper of Shadrach FC (0-3, 50 min). The match is one-way and Mimos are given some to heart joy. At the 59th minute, VOLI BI Abdoul leaves inthe back of the defence to challenge and fight, once again, Alexandre Abdoul, the goalkeeper of Shadrach FC (04, 59th min).

Insatiable, Mimos are always present in the opposing camp. At the 64th minute, OUATTARA Zié overflows and sends a beautiful Center for the unstoppable head of VOLI BI which marks the 5th goal of his team and signed personal double (05, 64th min). 5 goals to 0, Mimos release and allow Shadrach CF to reduce the score of 2 goals. First, in the 72nd minute by KONAN Serge, on a free kick and YOBOU Pharel, in the 79th minute, following a corner, on which defence mimosas totally lack of vigilance (25). The yellow and black are then called to order by coach KOUADJO Koffi Felix who also make a change. Karim KONATE replaces YOHORE Christ. Coaching winning since the new entrant will come to ‘kill’ the ardor of Shadrach FC by entering the 6th goal in the 90th minute. ASEC Mimosas remains undefeated in pool A, with 6 wins andone draw.




After his great victory against JCAT ASEC Mimosas welcomes Séwé sports de San Pedro, this Sunday, April 2, from 17:30, at the Robert CHAMPROUX Stadium, in the shock of the 17th day and for one of the major turning points in this League 1.

Certainly one of the most anticipated of this second part of Ligue 1, ASEC Mimosas (the leader) face-to-face and Séwé Sport (his heir), the 17th day will certainly produce sparks.

In case of victory and strength of its advantage at the point, ASEC Mimosas will take the psychological ascendancy over this another serious contender for the title is Séwé Sport. A good deal for the coach TRAORE Siaka and his players allowing them to travel to Gabon, just after, in very good conditions, in order to negotiate the first legof the second 16es of final of the cup of the Confederation against the CF Mounana.

Will it will materialize in the face of another vindictive Séwé Sport team, beaten (0-1), in the game go, counting for the 4th day. With Maxime GOUAMENE, his new coach, Séwé Sport took the 16th day, against SC Gagnoa, to reconnect with thesuccess, after a long drought, since the 10th day. The Séwékés picked up on the rebound and could enjoy a victory over ASEC Mimosas to take the appearance of the leader.

Program of the 17th day
Sunday, April 2, 2017
Stadium Municipal of Yamoussoukro
15 h 30: SOA SC Gagnoa


Robert CHAMPROUX Stadium
17 h 30: ASEC Mimosas Séwé Sport


Monday, April 3, 2017
Robert Champroux Stadium


15 h 30: WAC Brazillian FC
18 h 00: Africa Sports AFAD


Stage of the peace of Bouaké
15 h 30: Denguélé FC San Pedro


Sports Park
15 h 30: JCAT ASI of Abengourou


Thursday, April 20, 2017
Robert CHAMPROUX Stadium


Stade of Abidjan AS Tanda



The match of extremes has logically turned to the advantage of the leader, ASEC Mimosas which took the best (0-2) on the Red Lantern, the JCAT, tonight, at the RobertCHAMPROUX Stadium, on the 17th day of League 1. A valuable victory for ASEC Mimosas that reinforces its leading position before the shock at the top against the Séwé sports de San Pedro, the next Sunday.

In a logic of turn-over of his team, due to the estate matches, ASEC Mimosas presents itself in a schema in 35 – 2, with the tenure of young OUATTARA Zié on the left flank and the repositioning of ANGBANDJI Alex, in the axis of the defense to overcome absences GLOUDOUEU Baresi and AIDARA Mohamed. Mimos take the game to their account from the start with a first strike of POE Jean Morel, which is unfortunately not framed (1′). The laundry is high and the domination is intense. However, we lack of precision in the last act on this action of the 22nd minute. Mpumbu KATALAYis served in the back of the defense. It disposes of a counterpart and puts the ball back to Aristide BANCE which the flat foot, too weak, manages to trick Mamadou DIALLO, the goalkeeper of the JCAT. The image of this action, the dominance of ASEC Mimosas remains sterile until the blow of whistles bringing the teams into the locker room for halftime.

ASEC Mimosas back from halftime with a change of player and tactics. DOSSO Fabius replaces OUATTARA Zié and the team is positioned 4 – 4 2. We have therefore, attends a one-sided match. The JCAT is completely entrenched in his own half and is only defending itself. Mimos redoubling burning with an elusive DOSSO Fabius. At the 54th minute, striker mimosas seeps into the defence of the JCAT and fires a shot that is pushed back on the line by a defensive back. At the 64th minute, Aristide BANCE started his race in the sense of purpose. He was shot at the entrance of the penalty area by YOBOUE Kouadio, last defender position. Kick and logic red card for the player. Aristide BANCE decides to get justice. The kick is broken down. ANGBANDJI Alex slide the ball for pure typing of Aristide BANCE which ends its run in the nets of the JCAT. ASEC Mimosas score (01) and continues to rough up his opponent.

The JCAT has no time digest this goal ASEC Mimosas returned to the charge. At the70th minute, DOSSO Fabius triggers a solitary action and will review the JCAT defence before serving intelligently Aristide BANCE, in line with the goal. The flat foot of striker mimosas made fly. BANCE sign twice for ASEC Mimosas and for its own account (02). The key is done. The yellow and black handle well the end of game and wins the victory points. A valuable victory which allows them to maintain the gap of 4 points with Séwé Sport (2nd) before their confrontation on this Sunday, April 2, from17:30, at the Robert CHAMPROUX Stadium.

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The Magazine ASEC Mimosas N ° 1319 is on the newsstands, from this Thursday, March 30, 2017. You can find, and more of your usual topics, news of the football and volleyball teams who are preparing to resume the African Competition.
Don’t miss this issue, with beautiful photos of the lunch offered by the PCA in volleyball team and those of the tournament of the partners of ASEC Mimosas.
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Magazine ASEC Mimosas :

No. 1318 is on the market

The Magazine ASEC Mimosas N ° 1318 is on the newsstands, since this Thursday,March 23. There, you can also find, in addition to your regular features, travel journal, the record, the images of the match APEJES ASEC Mimosas, the first cup of the Confederation Cup final 16es.
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Leader, but level on points with Séwé Sport (his direct pursuer), ASEC Mimosas will benefit from his match late, the 14th day of League 1, against Denguélé, this Thursday, March 23, from 18 h00, at the Robert CHAMPROUX Stadium, to distance itself.

Winner (41) in the game go, on the 1st day, ASEC Mimosas, the leader of the Ligue 1, share widely with the favor of forecasts in the face of Denguélé (12th in the standings). Subscriber to matches zero, Denguélé is undefeated since the 5th day after his heavy (3-0) defeat against the SOA. After 13 days, she has lost only three games and conceded 7 draws.

Current first not relegated, the Odiennekas whose objective is maintaining, are looking for points to get away from the danger zone. Since March 6, when their last Ligue 1 match, cash for the 13th day, coach TCHOUKOUE Isaac and his foals no longer played. Therefore, a team well rested and revanchist waiting for ASEC Mimosas.

Back in Abidjan last Tuesday, with the ticket of the second 16es of final of the cupof the Confederation in Pocket and unlike their opponents odiennekas, Mimos hadonly two days to get back into the swing of the Ligue 1. The yellow and black are the test of the hellish schedule a match every three days. Turnover is necessary so the coach TRAORE Siaka said “Gigi.” Thus, to compose his list, it will rely probablyon the Jacob DEPODE, KONE Moyabi, POE Jean Morel, KORE Armand and others,who worked with coach KASSY Kouadio Lucien, in Abidjan, while he was in Yaounde. ASEC Mimosas wants to distance itself from this first phase match return.

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ASEC Mimosas will face FC of Gabon Mounana, during the second 16es final of the Confederation Cup. It is one from results of the draw held on Tuesday morning,at the headquarters of the CAF, in Cairo. Mimos will travel for the match to go, before receiving the return match, 15 days later in Abidjan.




Match winners go home, the yellow and black of the ASEC Mimosas lost (1-0) Sunday in Yaoundé, in front of the APEJES. If the academic of Mfou saved the honor,Mimos, qualify for the second 16th of this 14th edition of the Confederation Cup final.

The challenge was huge. Reassemble the liabilities of the two goals conceded in the first leg and qualify. The APEJES is there tried without success. Oumarou SOKBAcoach had promised him. In front of their audience, the academicians of Mfou gave their all. All unsuccessfully. Forced by a team of ASEC Mimosas in placeASEC qualified thanks to experienced the morale of steel players. Their qualification is entirely deserved. I‘m disappointed in the behavior of some of my players who played the fear in my stomach. Otherwise how can we understand no match ofthe first half that contrasts with our second half? Oumarou SOKBA thinks so well sayAs in lack of success offensively, notably by Aristide BANCE (12th min, 56th, 81st and 87th), Christian NOUGBELE (18th min) and ANGBANDJI Christian (35th minute), Gigi foals have been supportive in the effort. The rear guard led by TA Akassou, KOANDA Souleymane and GLOUDUEU Baresi was able to repel the offensives of the APEJES. The only moment of deconcentration intervenes in the 85th minute. A corner well executed and concluded the head by Mbekeli NGOM. From this moment, Cameroonians, since the return of locker room pushing, could begin to dream. But Hervé KOFFI, the Mimosas goalkeeper came out the big game to destroy the repeated assaults of the academic of MfouThe captain OLIH Jacques had good reason to say; “We tried to push but ASEC was good place”, the qualification is played in Abidjan.


From our special correspondent in Yaounde