Editorial :

What is a frame for?

In this world where we are inundated with standards, this is a question for us and for the life of our Association. If this term is broad enough, it is mostly synonymous with Limit. Thus, a framework is used to set limits, whether it is a table that the framework would highlight, or a group of individuals whose managers (e.g. a locker room) would give young people and newcomers the scope of action and intervention possible.

Hence the question: Can an institution live without rules? No limits? We’ll come back to that below.

So much has been done over the last 30 years at ASEC Mimosas, that it is not easy to prioritize the actions taken for the greatness of this club. Some will see in the record number of trophies won in 29 seasons (1 CAF Champions League, 1 CAF African Super Cup, 1 UFOA Cup, 19 Ivory Coast league titles, 12 national cups, 12 Ivory Coast Super Cups Felix Houphouet Boigny, 1 FIF Cup and not to mention 1 African Cup of Champions Basketball Clubs) as the main sign of great success. The construction of Sol Beni would be for others, and Roger OUÉGNIN himself, “the most beautiful of trophies”. Finally, others will see in the results of the MimoSifcom Academy, the best proof of the success of the company started 3 decades ago.

At a time when we are talking about specifications and organisation, we will focus on an aspect that is just as essential for our Association and less often evoked: the texts that govern it and which have transformed the Volcano ASEC Mimosas, always ready to ignite after the slightest sporting disappointment in the 1980s, in a stable and efficient institution since the advent of its lawyer-president in 1989.

It was first a matter of giving a legal existence to the Association by adding to it statutes adopted in April 1990 by the General Assembly of the Association. Over the years, these statutes have been modified to better adapt to changes in the life of our Association and to the Ivorian sporting realities. To this original text were added other texts such as the internal regulation of ASEC Mimosas, the legal framework of CNACO, the ethical charter of the CNACO, the internal regulation of AAFAAM …

Life within our association is therefore very supervised. But why so many texts finally? Isn’t the freedom of ASEC Mimosas lovers to support their club as they see fit? Secular philosophical debate of the Law against Liberty, the Law being for some a usurpation of the rights of individuals when for others, without the Law, no social life is possible.

It is clear that the advent of the rules of life and governance within our Association has been combined with calm, stability and development. This is no accident and this framework is an indispensable prerequisite for any coordinated action.

The new legal framework of the CNACO, which was recently adopted by the Extraordinary General Assembly on 28 January 2018, is part of this desire to always adapt our regulations to the new realities. Thus, all those who want to actively participate in the life of our Association are invited to take ownership of it. As our Association needs all its strength more than ever to meet the challenges ahead, all ideas and initiatives are welcome.

By Benoît YOU