interview... N'DRI Koffi Romaric (Assistant Reserve Team Coach) :

“The results are more than encouraging”

After two seasons as coach of aSEC Mimosas reserve team, N’DRI Koffi Romaric takes stock of his activities. interview…

At the end of the 2018-2019 season, what is your assessment of the activities of the Reserve Team that you have been in charge of for the past two seasons?

The results are positive, even though we know that there is still work to be done. We conduct our activities in the shadows in a laboratory placed between the MimoSifcom Academy and the professional team. We are working to continue training the young player in order to prepare him for the professional team.  The results are more than encouraging and motivate us more.

Your first season was appreciable and crowned with the first-team promotion of some of your young players including BANCÉ Ibrahim, MEITÉ Ousmane, OUATTARA Kalpi Wilfried, Ouattara Natégué Lassina, DOSSO Yaya, LOUÉ Bayéré Junior, TAPSOBA Abdoul Fessal, COMARA Oumar Farouk and many others.

What analysis do you make of this situation and what is your appreciation of the season of these players?  

For my first experience as an assistant coach in charge of the reserve team, I was fortunate to have good collaborators such as KOUADIO Félix, Beugré Hermane Pacheco AHIBA and ZARÉ Aboubakar. I also benefited from the support of coaches AMANI Yao, N’GUESSAN Fabrice, TRAORÉ Siaka said Gigi and the President of the Football Section Baky KONÉ.  Together, we have made sure that the players work in good conditions. It was not easy for the youngsters who were promoted to the first team and who were discovering the high competition. With the pressure of a big club like ASEC Mimosas and the stress of always trying to do well, they were patient and knew how to respond when the time came. OUATTARA Kalpi, BANCÉ Ibrahim, MEITÉ Ousmane (before his injury), TAPSOBA Abdoul Fessal and the others have been team holders at times. In any case, they had a good learning season. In the next one, we can ask them much more since they now have some control over the environment of the elite. We will have to have a special look at these young people who are the future of the club.

Could the first team draw more youngsters from your home for next season? 

That is the raison d’être of the reserve team. We are working with President Baky and Coach Julien CHEVALIER, the new head coach. We have proposed players who, for me, deserve to be in the squad for next season. They will be back with the pros and will have to fight hard to earn their place in the group. 

How do you feel about the lack of official competition from the reserves? Doesn’t it bother you in the work?

I’m having a very bad time in this situation. Because it is through training and competition that we are able to better prepare and judge our players. We play friendly matches that, as you know, are different from the competition. It is not the same concentration and the same requirements. But that doesn’t stop us from working hard. On the contrary, it pushes us to redouble our efforts and ingenuity. 

You are the relay between the MimoSifcom Academy and the first team. How is the collaboration with these two entities going?

The collaboration is very good. I started with Pascal THÉAULT who is my mentor and who coached me, allowed me to travel and do internships with the MimoSifcom Academy during these two seasons. I have learned and continue to learn from this technician who has more than 40 years of experience. I am privileged because from 6:30 am, I am at the MimoSifcom Academy to take courses.  At 9am, I’m with the pro coaches and at 10:30 with the reserve team. I work with all the categories of the club and I am very passionate about that. 

Julien CHEVALIER is the new coach of the professional team. Have you ever been in contact with him?

We met and I told him my congratulations and welcomed him even though he already knows the house. 

How do you see working with him?

I am an assistant coach in charge of the reserve team under the tutelage of the professional team coach. We are working together and will set up a common organization to be much more effective.

Do you have a final word to add to close this interview?

I say thank you to ASEC Mimosas who gave me the opportunity to come back to the club and train me. Many were not so lucky. I take advantage of this apprenticeship period to acquire all my diplomas, including the CAF A degree. I would also like to reassure shareholders that the club is working to grow and quickly return to the continental front.

God bless ASEC Mimosas!