Editorial :

The Mimosas family!

According to the German philosopher Friedrich Engels, the etymology of the word “Family” comes from the Latin “Famulus” which means “domestic slave” and “familia” is the whole of the slaves who belong to the same man. 

More recently, the French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss defined it as a community of people united by kinship ties existing in all human societies.

Thus, the family is the basic social, economic and biological unit within which young members of society are communicated to the norms and values, beliefs and knowledge, as well as skills useful in everyday life.

If this concept is universal, the number of people it includes or the solidarity granted is variable, it is even one of the central notions in culture. It can be nuclear, expanded or complex as are single-parent or blended families. 

Even if the kinship between all its members is not biological, we are tempted to speak of “Mimosas Family” as the way our Association operates is similar to that of these kinds of human groups. 

The news of our club in recent days has only confirmed this.

First we saw the departure of some of his children with the transfers of certain players like LOUÉ Bayéré Junior and OUATTARA Mohamed Aziz, fed with yellow and black bottle and who, by their majority, left to continue their “higher education” on the ground European. They will continue their learning and we will keep a close eye on their development, the door remaining open at all times, during the holidays or in case of an incident of course or any other event.

The death of one of our own, YORO Monsou Laurent, the head chef of the MimoSifcom Academy, is one of the misfortunes that afflicts all families and the solidarity observed on this occasion has shown the strength of the bonds that unite our members. Some former residents of the Academy, who had not returned to Sol Beni for several years, decided to set foot there for a final tribute during a friendly football match.

The last years of our club have seen other movements particularly interesting within the mimosas family. The case of AMANI coaches Yao César Lambert and TRAORÉ Siaka, known as “Gigi” are illustrations of this. First of all, the club’s emeritus players, they came back “home” at the end of their careers to learn the coaching profession. They then coached various Ivorian clubs before donning the coveted tunic as head coach of the professional team of ASEC Mimosas with the successes we know. They are now on the way to new challenges, but they know where their family is in which they will always be welcome. These two departures are to be put in perspective with recent comebacks, such as those of Baky KONÉ, N’DRI Koffi Romaric, Pascal THÉAULT or Julien CHEVALIER. Having left home for a variety of reasons, they are back after long journeys during which they have gained valuable experience in strengthening the community.

Family ties are unique in that it is impossible to break them. In the case of the Mimosas family, despite the arguments or other annoyances that may take place between its members, no one will be able to expel them because everyone at his level participated in the writing of the history of the association.

Births, deaths, departures, returns, annoyances, reconciliations, etc. As in the famous novelas, there is always something going on within a family. What characterizes ours is to settle everything internally with respect for everyone and especially the history of the club.

Entering the Mimosas family, never to be out, must be a pride, an honour. However, it is also a heavy burden, as it means respecting and conveying every day the values of excellence and responsibility that make up our foundation.

Benoît YOU