24th day of Ligue 1/Moossou FC 1 – 0 ASEC Mimosas :

Moossou brakes the ASEC

Despite an undivided domination ASEC Mimosas finally tilted (1 – 0) before Moossou FC, tonight at the Stade Robert CHAMPROUX, during the 24th day of Ligue 1. A defeat that complicates his business in the race for a place on the podium.


The spell already sealed by relegation after the victory (2 – 0) of the AS tanda on Bouaké FC, Moossou FC was playing for the honor. Faced with this ultra-defensive team and without great pressure, ASEC Mimosas takes its time to organize its offensive and obtains a first big opportunity in the 11th MN on a pass in the back of the defense of SANOGO Issa for bagaté Salif whose LOB nifty on the Moossou FC goalkeeper passes next to the frame. The MIMOS still report in the 17th minute, on a superb pass of TAPSOBA Abdoul Fessal for BADIÉ Gbagnon Anicet which wraps his plate of the foot unfortunately returned by the crossbar. ASEC Mimosas multiply the attempts. At the 29th MN, the free kick of BADIÉ Gbagnon is further pushed by AYINDÉ Ibrahim, the goalkeeper of Moossou FC. Then, at the 35th MN TAPSOBA Abdoul Fessal tries a rush in the opposing defense but completely misses his strike at the conclusion. 4 MN later, the heirs of the throne are close to cashing a self-goal on a beautiful pass of BADIÉ Gbagnon for the beautiful control of TAPSOBA Abdul Fessal. In the additional time, Moossou FC obtains its most beautiful opportunity by CHEICK Ahmadou who sees his hit hitting the right post coming out of CISSÉ Abdul Karim, just before the break.


The beginning of the second period is much more disputed. At the 49th MN, AMANI Yao proceeded to a tactical change with the entry of TOURÉ AMED in place of N’dao Mohamed Lamine. At the 54th MN, the pass of BAGATÉ Salif for the attempt of LOB of TAPSOBA Abdoul Fessal is intercepted by the goalkeeper. The game is much more intense. But, against the course of the game, on a fast counter-attack, Moossou FC opens the score by Traore Souleymane on a beautiful withdrawal of CHEICH Ahmadou (1 – 0; 66th MN). Things become more complicated for ASEC Mimosas. The Mimosas nevertheless leave to the collision to start again their delay and regain the advantage after. The minutes are off and Moossou FC plays the time by simulating injuries. At 80th min TOURÉ AMED is shot in the penalty area but the referee decides that there is no foul. ASEC Mimosas pushes and forces the opponent to the total retrenchment in its half of land. The Mimosas multiply the goal actions. Despite a last opportunity on a withdrawal of BANCÉ Ibrahim for the head of TOURÉ AMED that passes over the crossbar, ASEC Mimosas fails to equalize.  The heirs of the throne prevail but remain condemned to relegation. ASEC Mimosas on the other hand, sees its third place strongly weakened.