24th day /Moossou FC – ASEC Mimosas :

Consolidate 3rd place

Mounted on the podium at the end of the 23rd day, ASEC Mimosas will be on the move to the Stade Robert CHAMPROUX of Marcory, opposite Moossou FC, Sunday 21 April 2019, at 3.30 pm, during the 24th day of Ligue 1. A back-to-back reunion for the heirs of the throne severely beaten (6 – 0) in the round game, as part of the 11th day. 

The context


More than 3 days to put an end to the 2018-2019 exercise of the Ligue 1. ASEC Mimosas occupies 3rd place with 36 points and a differential goal + 9. She moved to the podium, just behind FC San Pedro (2nd; 44 points; + 15) and SOA (1st; 49 points; + 14). The team “yellow and black” is talked by the Racing Club of Abidjan (4th; 36 points; + 7), the AFAD (5th; 34 points; + 2), and Bouaké FC (6th; 33 points; + 1). Moossou FC on the other hand is still the Red Lantern of the ranking with 17 points and a goal differential-23, at 8 points of the first unrelatable, AS tanda (12th; 25 points;-5).


The stake

At 8 points of the 2nd (FC San Pedro), ASEC Mimosas plays to consolidate its 3rd place that it fights with the Racing Club of Abidjan and the AFAD. The good management of the remote battle with the RC Abidjan goes through a victory against Moossou FC which, on the other hand, must also absolutely win and hope a defeat of the AS tanda against Bouaké FC to remain in the struggle for the maintenance.


The heirs of the throne

Must also redeem themselves after the heavy defeat conceded to the match go against the Mimosas. the forces in front if the carrots seem totally cooked for the formation of Moossou FC, she wants to put a point of honor on her end of the season, especially by redeeming face ASEC Mimosas his executioner of the 11th day. After 3 consecutive victories, one against the Africa sports, the heirs of the throne fell back in their way by wiping two consecutive defeats in front of the SC Gagnoa and the SOA and could receive the coup of grace on Sunday, the condemning the relegation. The MIMOS have no choice. They have to win to keep their position on the podium that equals an African place for next season. With the return of injury to some players, coach AMANI Yao is gradually returning to his entire squad. Good news to carry out this last straight line of the season, very stressful, to the rhythm of a game every 3 days.