8th finals of the National Cup/ASEC Mimosas 6 – 1 Stella Club :

Les Mimos écrasent les Magnans

The Stella Club drank the chalice until the lie facing ASEC Mimosas, tonight at the Stade Robert CHAMPROUX, during the 8th finals of the National Cup. The MIMOS have imposed themselves (6 – 1) to snatch their ticket from the quarterfinals of the competition.

Both teams start the game with the desire to produce the game to take the opponent’s fault. But already, from the 9th minute, the young central defender Mimosas, KOMARA Oumar Farouk, wounded, is obliged to abandon his teammates and give way to SAKO Oumar. The Stella Club adopts an attentive position to carry out counter-attacks. The MIMOS multiply the combinations to jump the Stelliste lock. The 21st MN is the right one with a ball transmission of BAGATÉ Salif for TAPSOBA Abdul Fessal who takes his opposite speed but is finally shot down by the latter in the repair area. The indisputable penalty is whistled and transformed by BAGATÉ Salif who takes the goalkeeper of the Stella Club against the foot (1 – 0; 22nd MN). ASEC Mimosas opens the score but maintains its pressure on his opponent. The Stella undergoes and tilts a second time on the Mimosas pressing which forces the central defender KONATÉ Aly to a retro-pass, intercepted by BAGATÉ Salif who intelligently cheats the goalkeeper Stelliste to sign his double (2 – 0; 35th MN). ASEC Mimosas makes the break but does not let go. Stella is at pains and will still take a third goal on an individual feat of TAPSOBA Abdoul Fessal who still takes speed defense Stelliste and will place a sharp to beat MELVIN Jalka, the goalkeeper of Stella Club (3 – 0; 45th MN). The “yellow and black” are short of registering the 4th goal in the extra time, before the break. Still TAPSOBA Abdul Fessal creates miseries in defense of the Magnans to serve OUATTARA Kalpi whose center is taken over by BAGATÉ Salif which unfortunately does not frame his head. ASEC Mimosas begins the second period with the same seriousness and concentration of the first half. At the 54th MN, TAPSOBA Abdoul Fessal quickly played a free-kick and served BAGATÉ Salif in his race which will appear in front of the goalkeeper to Corser the addition and sign his triplet (4 – 0). ASEC Mimosas went alone and is close to the 5th goal after a slalom of TAPSOBA Abdul Fessal in the Defense Stelliste. The young striker finally serves GONAZO bi ya Thomas whose strike will touch the crossbar (79th MN). The Stella Club finally reacts and saves the honor at the 86th MN by GASLAHOUX Éric who scores despite a first attempt returned by the goalkeeper SYLLA Mamadou (4 – 1). A goal, not of the taste of Mimosas that return to the load, first 2 minutes after, on a long service of COULIBALY Wonlo for BAGATÉ Salif which intelligently serves BADIÉ Gbagnon to score (5 – 1). Then, in the additional time, taking the same, BAGATÉ Salif to the pass for BADIÉ Gbagnon which inscribes his doubled and the 6th goal of the team (6 – 1). ASEC Mimosas is the Stella Club of Adjamé and qualifies for the quarterfinals of the National Cup. But before this other appointment, the MIMOS will find the Stade Robert CHAMPROUX, Sunday, to battle with Moossou FC, on behalf of the 24th day of Ligue 1.


H. K