8th finals of the National Cup: ASEC Mimosas – Stella Club :

Stella wants revenge

The 8th finals of the National Cup will take the ASEC Mimosas at the Stella Club d’adjamé, Thursday 18 April 2019 at 6pm, at the Stade Robert CHAMPROUX of Marcory. An opportunity for revenge for the Magnans eliminated by the MIMOS, in the same competition, in the 16th finals, 2 years ago.

After beating (3 – 1) and eliminating the formation of Lanfiara sports (D3), during the 16th finals, ASEC Mimosas attacked the Stella Club d’adjamé, a boarder of Ligue 2, to compost his ticket of the quarterfinals of the National Cup. A much more bitter opposition against an old League 1 and tough opponent who knows how to motivate themselves against the ASEC Mimosas. What is the Stella Club worth? Demoted in Ligue 2 after the 2014 – 2015 season, Stella Club’s main ambition is to find the elite of Ivorian football. This season, at 3 days of the end of the Ligue 2 Championship, he occupies the 4th place of the ranking of the hen A with 30 points and a goal differential + 8, behind the Esperance of Bouaké (3rd; 32 points; + 5), Issia Wazi (2nd; 33 points; + 12) and AS Denguélé (1st; 34 in. ints + 7). Despite the defeat (2 – 0) suffered in the face of the hope of Bouaké that has diminished his chances, Stella pursues its ambition to be promoted next season. In the National Cup, the Stella Club eliminated successively Siguilolo FC (1 – 0) during the 1st preliminary round, Tanoh sport (1 – 0), during the 2nd preliminary round and the Esperance of Bouaké (1 – 1 tab 5 – 4), during the 16th finals and now attacks the ASEC Mimosas. play the qualification to Fondthe last confrontation between the ASEC Mimosas and the Stella Club dates back to Sunday 23 April 2017, during the 16th finals of the National Cup, at the Stade Robert CHAMPROUX, the Mimosas had Mored the Magnans (5 – 2), thanks in particular to a tripled by Aristide BANCÉ. This poster of the 8th finals will necessarily have a taste of revenge for the stellists. The MIMOS are well aware of that. Despite the weight of the fatigue due to the succession of matches, CISSÉ Abdul Karim and his teammates Mimosas will still have to redouble their effort and keep a good concentration to beat the Magnans of Adjamé and qualify for the quarterfinals of the Cup remains one of the Club’s main objectives this season.