23rd day of Ligue 1: ASEC Mimosas 1 – 1 Africa sports :

ASEC Mimosas rises on the podium

23rd day of Ligue 1: ASEC Mimosas 1 – 1 Africa Sports

L’Africa sports escaped her beautiful this afternoon, at the Felicia, during the Derby of the 23rd day of Ligue 1. The “green and Red” have got the NUL (1 – 1) facing the ASEC Mimosas that will have dominated almost all of the encounter. An unfortunate result for the MIMOS who nevertheless find the podium of the standings despite the sharing of the points.

The good rhythm already permeates the beginning of the game. Africa sports is getting the first big opportunity of the game in the eighth minute. Released in the back of the Defense Mimosas, KOUAMÉ KRAMO Aubain faces CISSÉ Abdul Karim who wins the duel, at the price of a beautiful parade. The reaction Mimosas intervenes 4 mn after, on a withdrawal of BAGATÉ Salif for GONAZO BI ya Thomas, unfortunately outpaced by a defender at the time of the strike. Africa sports returns to the charge at the 22nd MN on an opportunity of OURA Anicet who fails against CISSÉ Abdul Karim aided by his left post. The Africa sports finally opens the score in the next minute on a beautiful pass of GUIAGON perfect for DAGO Franck Sylvain who only has to place his head to score (0 – 1; 23rd MN). ASEC Mimosas puts pressure on his opponent to return to the brand. At the 31st MN, on a pass of the chest of COULIBALY Wonlo, BAGATÉ Salif is shot in the penalty area by goalkeeper GBANÉ Mohamed, but the referee decides not to whistle the fault. The Mimosas pressure is accentuated. The “green and Red” undergo but resist until the whistle allowing them to go to the break with their short advantage of a goal. The second period begins with a big opportunity of ASEC Mimosas, on a free kick well struck by BAGATÉ Salif who forces goalkeeper GBANÉ Mohamed to an unexpected parade to put the ball in the corner (48th MN). The match is one hundred per hour, ASEC Mimosas presses the accelerator with the entry in play of TOURÉ AMED in place of GONAZO BI ya Thomas (55th MN). The delay is quickly redone at the time of play on a free kick of AGBANDJI Christian Alex for BANCÉ Ibrahim who handing the head to KOANDA Souleymane. The Defender Mimosas puts the clocks in the hour of a powerful flying strike (1 – 1; 60th MN). Africa sports suffers enormously at the end of the game and tries to exit its retrenment by counter-attacks. At the 85th MN, on a free kick of BADIÉ Gbagnon, KOANDA Souleymane jumps higher than all to take back the ball unfortunately repelled by the goalkeeper. The last few minutes of the match are full of suspense. ASEC Mimosas pushes even more to make the difference but, alas, the match ends on a draw (1 – 1) which propels nevertheless the “yellow and black” on the podium, before attacking the Stella Club, Thursday 18 April at 6pm, at Stade Robert CHAMPROUX, on behalf of the 8th s final of the National Cup.


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